Friday, July 25, 2014

Estate Sale Haul

I think I may have been a treasure hunter in a former life. I love to go to thrift stores, estate sales, and antique stores in search of hidden gems. Sometimes I'm looking for something specific, but often times I just go to see what may be there. Sometimes I buy, sometimes not.

And then there are days like today.

This estate sale was made for me. When my husband and I walked into the sewing room, he looked at me, laughed and told me he'd see me later. He's a smart man. Because I spent the better part of an hour looking at everything, chatting with the estate sale ladies, and gathering sewing booty.

Here's what I ended up taking home.

A new steam iron, tailor's ham, and sleeve roll.

Zippers, 2 rolls of zipper tape and snaps.

Various interfacing, stitch witch, velcro, bias tape, and hem tape.

Lace trims, cording, and tulle.

2 full containers of thread, a tin of buttons, a pair of applique scissors, an extra pair of scissors.

Cotton cording for making piping.

3 different length rulers, a french curve and a bendable ruler.

And the mother lode of white elastic. 

I'm not exaggerating about the elastic! Look at all of it!

Now, how much did I spend on all of that? $38. Yep, you read that right, everything pictured for under $40.
The iron alone costs that much brand new. To call this a successful haul would be something of an understatement. 

I suppose I don't need to mention how happy I am right now, do I?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What Happens When You MUST Craft...

We've been in Georgia for a little more than a month now, and I've gotten the sewing machines up and running, I have some fabric for a new upholstery project, and am working on an entry way sign.

Lots happening.

But today I'm sharing what was my first crafty project of the new house. A simple knit baby blanket. (Now, don't get ideas, I am NOT having another baby.) 

No, this blanket will more than likely go to Project Linus. Most of my small quilts and blankets do.

Anyway, here's what happened. I packed up my sewing machines in May. We moved in June. By the time we were a week into unpacking, I was literally twitching from all the pent up stress. I needed an outlet. My hands had NOTHING to do, and they were driving me nuts!

So, in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of all the unpacking and the chaos, I dug out my bin of needles, hooks, and yarn and found a basic baby blanket pattern online. I used the Super Easy Baby Blanket pattern from the Purl Bee, and a bunch of Caron Simply Soft yarn I had in the bin. I went into my bedroom, closed the door and refused to come out. (Those of you that know me personally, can probably picture this happening!)

And knit I did! for about a week straight, every late afternoon and evening. Unpacking and getting organized be damned! I could feel my center start to regain it's balance, and I got calmer with every stripe. And after the week was over, I had a cute little blanket, and I was a much happier camper!

But then I noticed something odd. The blanket seemed a little...small. But.....I used the right needles, and the correct type of yarn, the width was right, but the blanket seemed too short. So, I went back and checked the pattern and sure enough, I had misread the row count. Instead of 11 ridges of every color, I had 11 rows. Which basically means that my stripes should be twice as wide as they are in order to match the size in the pattern.


Ah, well. So, I have a vertically striped baby blanket instead of a horizontally striped one. Not a big deal.

I still like it, and more importantly it helped me get my groove back. The moral of the story is partly--double check your patterns and partly--when you need to get your craft on, just do it!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Girls Raglan Tee

Here's an easy sewing project that I finally got around to trying this week. (Seriously, this one has been on my "to do" list for a looooong time!) 

 I made a pattern from one of Lilah's t-shirts using this raglan tee tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional.

I had this great neon pink striped fabric in my stash for the body of the shirt.

For the sleeves, I used some white stretch lace from a thrifted shirt that I picked up for $1 last week.

Assembling the shirt was very easy, sew the sleeves to the front and back of the shirt.

Then, sew (or serge) the side seams from the sleeves to the bottom of the the shirt.

Add ribbing (or other binding) around the neck edge and hem the bottom and the sleeves.

Try it on your model, and when she strikes a pose and smiles, you're DONE! (For a much more detailed tutorial, use the above link to CINO, it's fantastic!)

I think I will be whipping these up by the dozen. Vary the sleeve length, maybe some color blocking, this shirt can be super versatile, it could probably even be lengthened into a dress...hmmmmm..... I may even try to make some for the boy!

I love this photo, she's already got the blogger pose down perfectly! I'd say she likes her new shirt!

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