Friday, June 10, 2011

Seating Arrangements

My son Elliot cannot. sit. STILL. I mean, ever. The boy has been in constant motion since, well even before he was born (think the scene from Alien). And most of the time, I don't mind it. He certainly has always been a great sleeper! But when we are watching TV, I can't stand the constant bouncing up and down and on and off the couch. Makes me crazy. And we only have one couch in the living room, partly because the room isn't that big and partly because there are a lot of kid toys taking up a lot of space in the living room. (That would be a whole separate post)
So, he needed a seat that was his own. Something that he could bounce around on and not bother (me) everyone trying to sit next to him. I immediately decided on a bean bag. I've seen the kid arm chairs and the little foam "sofas" and chairs and they are all very cute, but I was looking for something that he could sit on, and could be tossed into a corner when not in use, as well as something he couldn't knock over or fall off. So, a beanbag it had to be!
So I began searching around in stores and online for kids' bean bags. Wow, were they expensive! And somewhat larger than I had in mind. So I figured that I would just make one. But what to make it out of? I didn't want vinyl and after looking at the denim, didn't really care for it either. Plus, I wanted green. Really bright green, because I was going to make a monster bean bag. So that limited my fabric choices considerably. So one day while at my favorite Joann Fabrics, I asked one of the ladies what she would use/recommend for a bean bag and she suggested polar fleece.  Polar fleece? Wouldn't that be too stretchy? Would it be strong enough? Huh. So I started looking at the polar fleece and there was a beautiful bright green. So I bought it, took it home and started the bean bag.
There are many different patterns online for bean bags and I used several as guidelines but ended up making my own pattern. One of the things I did do as one site advised, was to make the bag out of muslin as well as the main fabric. Excellent idea! For one thing, this will help keep the beans inside the bag, and if you're experimenting with your pattern, making a muslin first will help you make all your adjustments to the pattern without wasting your main fabric.
So I made my muslin bag, then my bright green bean bag. Once the green fleece one was put together, but before putting the circle with the zipper in, I appliqued the monster eyes and mouth. And just for fun, added some horns. And then my husband and I filled up the bag with the beads.

And we had The Monster Bean Bag.

The saleswoman at Joanns was right, polar fleece makes an excellent bean bag. And on Christmas morning, Elliot was bouncing with joy, which now doesn't bother me, since he can do it on his own bean bag!
But, let's not forget that I have a daughter. Who is excellent at sitting still next to me on the couch and watching TV. Well, she took one look at that bean bag and said, "Mommy, where's my bean bag?" 
Unlike her brother, she has an opinion about everything, so I asked her what kind of bean bag she wanted-- Kitty, and what color-- pink and purple. Okay.

So here's the Kitty Bean Bag.

So now I get to sit on my couch alone (unless my husband or one of the dogs is around) and Elliot can bounce on and off the bean bag through a whole movie, bothering only the little sister he sometimes crashes into. 

Peaceful.      Perfect.

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  1. Love how you embellished them!! Soooo cool! I need a monster one now!! :)


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