Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big Girl Bedroom Mural and An Alphabet Nursery

A little more than a year ago, a friend of mine found out she was expecting her second baby. I was extremely flattered when she called me to paint the kids' new rooms.  She has a daughter, who would be moving from the smaller bedroom to the "big girl" bedroom. And she wanted to brighten up the nursery for the new baby.  For her daughter's new room she had already chosen a Pottery Barn Kids bedding set and wanted a small mural to using the same styles and colors.

We decided on a large tree in the corner around the bed.  Originally the body of the trunk was going to be in the corner, but when I sketched it in, it just looked weird, so we moved it to one wall and let the branches spread out around the headboard.

Then, since the owls are the focal point in this collection, I made some stencils and we placed owls in various "perches" in the room, to watch over her in her new "big girl" bedroom.

Above the closet door.

Above the window.

And above the other window looking towards the bed.  

Both Mom and daughter love the new room. The daughter loves the owls in particular. She says goodnight to them and reads to them, and each one has a name. So sweet!

For the nursery, we decided on a simple alphabet border done in bright colors to coordinate with sheets and bedding she already had. So, I made a stencil using a fun and simple computer font, we played with the size of the letters for a while before we settled on these which ended up being about 4 inches tall. I chose a corner of the room and stenciled all the way around alternating colors like this---

I loved the way both rooms turned out, and so did Mom and Dad. After finishing their rooms it was all I could do not to run home and repaint every room in my own house! Not sure my husband would appreciate that kind of chaos......but maybe if I just start in one room....

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  1. Absolutely adorable, Heather! I see you are in AZ...lived in Scottsdale/Fountain Hills for 15 years... great state!

  2. So cute! And way cheaper than those vinyl murals!

  3. If you give a mouse a cookie...hehe. I painted two bathrooms recently and it took all I had not to do the third...and the laundry room...and the bedroom. :) Those rooms are too cute. I'm your newest follower from Chic & Crafty.

  4. this is so cute! I found your blog through a link party and have a fun time looking around! You have some great posts on here! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!


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