Monday, July 11, 2011

Boy's PJ Pants from a Pillowcase

My son has no summer PJ's. Apparently he outgrew all the ones from last summer, poor kid, and I didn't realize it until this month. I did make him one pair of pajama pants during the winter which are about a foot too long (I suppose I was expecting him to wear Toy Story PJ's until he's 12) but other than that, everything he's put on has been way too small. He does have some pants that we can easily pair with some undershirts, which works out fine, but he only has 2 of those (eek!) I just feel bad when I'm closing his next to empty pj drawer compared to his sister's drawer that is so full, I have to shove the drawer to get it closed.
And then, today, while I was at the thrift store for something completely different, I came up with a great idea. I was in the towels, linens, fabric aisles and I saw these great pillowcases.

The stripes reminded me of men's cotton pajamas. And I just loved the trucks. And I thought, well why not? There are plenty of pillowcase dresses, so why not pillowcase pajama bottoms?
I used my favorite boy shorts pattern, laid it on top of the truck pillowcase and cut my pieces, ***I did make a mistake, when I cut out the shorts, I forgot to consider that the pattern would be backwards on one side, don't do that. To avoid making this mistake, you can cut the seams off the pillowcase so that you have a flat piece of fabric, then lay the pattern out so everything lines up the way you want it.***

This pillowcase was wide enough that it easily fit my 4/5T boy shorts pattern. When I cut out the blue striped pants, I laid the pattern lengthwise on the pillowcase, using the hem already in the pillowcase as the hem of the pants. I did have to make the pants a little narrower to fit the pillowcase, but since the pattern is already a bit big for my boy, and there is 1/2" seam allowance built in, it did not make that much difference to the end result.

Then, assemble your shorts or pants the way you normally would and in no time at all you have--

 Some lightweight, styling new pajama bottoms!

Grab an unused pillowcase and your favorite shorts/pants/pj bottom pattern and try it out!

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  1. This is a great idea! I always see the pillowcase dresses but not as many options for boys. Chalk one up for you!

  2. NICE!!! I love this! Hmmm, now to find someone that sews to do this for my kids...Any suggestions? ;-)

  3. Well aren't you CLEVER! Love it!

    Would you be willing to share this at our Weekly Playdate link party? This week's party is here:

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  4. Lori, I would LOVE to be part of your weekly link party!! Thanks!

  5. Great idea for pillowcases, something for the boys! Saw you on link party, now google following you, please pop by, Karima x

  6. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I don't think I have enough sewing skills to do this, but I love the idea!!! Following you from Chic & Crafty.
    -The How To Mommy


    I made these for my son last year. I love your stripes. I hope he likes them too!

  9. I would love to make these. Even if I made capri pj's for me.
    I would love to hang out with a crafty sewing mama like you.
    I am one too and I live in Tucson.
    following you now!!!

  10. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!


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