Saturday, July 9, 2011

Chik-fil-A cow costumes and free lunch (pt 2)

The Cow costumes and Chik-fil-A free lunch were a huge success! Thanks to my good friend Lori from Our Forever House, for helping put together all the costumes and her great photos! We had such a good time with our friends, and I have to admit, this is hands down our favorite fast food restaurant .

And how cool is it that they give out books with the kids meals? For my book-loving son, this is the best thing ever!

And the big Chik-fil-A cow came to pose with the kids, they just loved him. 

Well, we crafted, and ate and the kids played, and an excellent time was had by all, thanks to all of our friends that helped make this such a fun afternoon! We do love a costume party!


  1. Hey Heather, Im so excited to make my childrens costumes this will be our first time doing the chik-fil-A costume party my children love this place we do play dates here all the time I have an 12yr girl 6yr girl and a 4yr boy they are so excited I live in Chester,Pa our date is July 13,2012. I will be making our costumes as well I also love crafting me and the girls make head bands.I had the same idea white shirt and shorts with black felt spots... lol so reasonable I will keep you updated with pics talk to you soon, Quintonia, e-mail

  2. Dear Que, my name is Mark and I saw your costumes on the web. I was wondering if you could share how you made the cow hats and with what materials. I nee to make some costumes for my kid's play. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kindest regards,
    Mark Del Muro


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