Friday, July 1, 2011

The Dollhouse (PBK Knock-off)

I am going to begin with a major disclaimer. I did not build this dollhouse. Well, I didn't build the main structure of the dollhouse, that is. I had seen the PBK dollhouse bookcase at a resale event and loved it.  Ana White has plans for a build your own on her website and it was my intention to make one for my daughter's 3rd birthday. But the fact is, while I am very speedy with a sewing machine, I am not so much with a wood project. And I ended up leaving this one until almost the last minute, naturally. So I asked a good friend, who is an awesome carpenter (and fast) to help me. I gave him my dimensions--I have limited floor space--and some basic ideas and he knocked out the dollhouse for me in one morning, which I could not have done on my own. Bless him.

So, here's what we came up with--
The dollhouse measures 3' 6" at the point of the roof 3' 9" wide and is 10"deep and is made out of plywood, so it is plenty sturdy enough to become a bookcase later or hold up a child that may try to climb it.
I base painted the whole thing white.

Then painted all the trim a nice bright pink. Next I wanted to dress up the interior a bit but without being too busy. So I went into my fabric and scrapbook paper stash for some "wallpaper".

In this room I used purple striped scrapbook paper, which I spray mounted in, then glued some painted wood strips across the top to help finish the edges.

This room, I designated as the kitchen so I did a light green paint wash on the walls with a scrapbook paper border across the top. The "tile" floor is also scrapbook paper glued down and given a coat of mod podge to help make it shiny. (**Note, this did cause my paper to bubble in some places, the key here is to go slowly**)

In the "living room" I really wanted there to be enough of the green paper I used as an accent for the back wall, but no matter what I did, it just wasn't going to happen, so instead I used the blue lace, which is also scrapbook paper. (how cool is that!)

And this is the final result! 
I wish I had a better photo of the top room, that is some beautiful fabric my sister in law gave me last summer and from the beginning of this project I knew it would be in there. And I thought it best to leave the "attic" plain white.
I am so, so grateful to my friend Anthony for helping doing all the heavy lifting on this one!

And all of the little pets and Barbies and fairies and action figures and stuffed animals love their new home.

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  1. What a cool idea? Can't believe he knocked it out in one morning...?! Love the "tile" floor...too cute!


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