Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dress Up Storage

Remember my good friend Anthony? The super speedy, amazing carpenter from the PBK dollhouse knock-off, yes, that's the guy. Well, we figured out that we make a pretty good team, I am the idea super bossy, "idea" person and he's the guy who smiles, nods, and then makes something better than what I had in mind. Things like that are the best reason for collaboration, in my opinion.
A while back I found this post from Ana White, which, in many ways, started me down the blog path that has lead me here. I say that because that post, which was sent to me on Facebook by a friend led me to one of my all time favorite blogs Craftiness is Not Optional, and (as they used to say in that 70's shampoo commercial) so on and so on and so on....
So, Anthony and I wrangled over this one together, and using the above plans from Ana White, we made this one for my kids.
I would apologize for the state that this is in, but if you have understand. I meant to take a photo of this when I had arranged everything very neatly, but ummm, this is the best I've got.

I wish that I had the space in the house to make a "boy" dress-up box and a "girl" dress-up box, but we don't, so I used some letter coat hooks I found at Michaels, which I painted and added to the sides for a "his" and "hers" effect.

The one thing I wish we had done was to make it a bit longer and a bit taller, 2 kids and their costumes take up quite a bit of space.  But this is SO much better than the bucket we had before, at least the tutus and princess things have a chance at not getting crushed, plus all the purses have hooks and the shelf comes in handy for the hats.
And of course it is no longer my fault when they can't find anything!

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