Friday, July 22, 2011

Poor, Tired Couch Rehab

My poor, tired couch.

I bought this as an "almost new" from a lovely woman who was retiring and going to live in her RV with her new boyfriend and travel all over the USA.  It was a bargain, almost new, with a queen sized bed for $100. Can't beat that!

That was almost 4 years ago, I was just a few days away from the birth of my daughter, the couch was affordable and comfortable and really, really beige.  I didn't care. It was so much better that what I had been trying to get my pregnant body comfortable on for the last nine months, I looked the other way at the color and the pillow pattern and the really, really beige-ness of it.

Well, in almost 4 years it has only gotten more tired and more, um, beige (with the help of 2 dogs and 2 kids).

 Recently I decided to care. I had my eye on a dark brown chenille for months waiting patiently for it to go on sale when I stumbled upon a beautiful red tag Christopher Lowell chenille fabric.  It was a bit more rust brown than dark brown that I'd had in mind, but at $4.50 a yard, I am nothing if not adaptable! So I bought all of the fabric (let's hope it's enough!!)

And a few weeks later, on the remnant table, I found the perfect coordinating fabric for $3 a yard. So, of course I bought all of it. Again, hoping that there will be enough to re-do the cushions.

So, we moved the couch out to the back porch (the only place big enough for me to work on it), took the bed out, and I will be getting to work soon on the re-upholstery.  This will be an ongoing project, so stay tuned for updates, tutorials, and a big reveal that will (I hope) be exciting for all of us!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Can't wait to see it! Love the fabric you picked out! It will be great!


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