Friday, July 15, 2011

Town PlayMat

I have a good friend whose son is turning 3 this month. He's very much a car lover, so I thought I'd make him a "town" for his cars to drive around in. Being a mom of a car lover myself, one of the things that I appreciate with regards to play sets is that they fold down compactly. We have limited floor space, so I like things that can be rolled or folded up and put away. And this particular friend and I are in total agreement on that point. So, I figured a  fabric play mat that can be rolled up would be perfect. (**Note: there are many great tutorials for play mats, some of which helped inspire me for this one**)
The whole front of the mat is made with felt, I used a square that was 30inches X 30inches, and applied shapes by gluing and/or stitching in place. Then, I added a piece of green cotton fabric to the back. I stitched the two pieces together around the outside edge, then stitched around the roads through both fabrics to hold them together. I then added a bias binding to finish the edges and sewed a tie on one side so it can be tied up and stored.
 Here is the end result.

 I got small felt letters from Michael's and used some fabric paint to embellish some of the "signs".  I also used the paint for some of the smaller building and a few extra details.

My favorite things on this are the little mailboxes and fire hydrants.

 And the slide in the park, and the swing, and....

The gas station with the gas pumps....

Okay, I really like the whole thing!

Bonus, when it's time to clean up, it can be rolled up, tied together and stored almost anywhere. It can also easily make the trip to grandma's house or anywhere else a boy may need a town to drive his cars around in.


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  4. This is amazing! I think I need one of these. My boys decided my quilt pad was a great road to drive on... I guess because I used strips of fabric. Great job!


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