Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alien Cake Pops

In a total fit of insanity last weekend, I asked my son if he'd like me to bring cake pops to his class for his birthday (which is today).  I had planned on bringing mini-popsicles (bought from the store) which were a big hit last year. And yes, in Tucson, it is still PLENTY warm enough for popsicles!   Everyone likes them, they're small enough for the kids to eat before they melt, and they require very little effort on my part.

But no.....no, I had to go and bring up cake pops. So this is all my own doing. And while cake pops are not hard to make, it seems like I always forget they have a lot of steps, which means they take a lot of time. At least I talked him into simple alien heads, rather than the more detailed robots he wanted originally.

For a complete tutorial on making cake pops, I highly recommend Bakerella, she is SO amazing, I bow to her artistry with cake. Check out the Garfield and Mr. Potato Head pops!

I had some leftover white cake, which I had tinted blue, in the freezer that I crumbled up and added vanilla frosting (this is for the non chocolate lover, remember) to make the cake balls. I shaped them as oval as I could and then put them in the freezer to firm up.

Then I took my alien green candy coating and melted a small amount to "glue" the heads onto the sticks. (Note: this green is a Halloween color, so it just happens to be available right now.)

My husband was nice enough to photograph the steps, so I could use both my hands, thanks honey!

Be careful when you are putting the sticks in the cake not to poke them out the top.

I use a block of styrofoam to hold my pops. Once I have them all on sticks, I put them back in the freezer while I work on whatever other parts I need.  In this case, only eyes.  Red, by the birthday boy's request.

For the eyes I used fruit roll-ups. In hindsight, there are probably a hundred easier ways to make eyes, but this is what I had, so this is what I used.  My thought was to cut out eyes, peel them off the paper and then stick them on the pops. 

Nope, didn't work. At all.  

So instead, I pulled little bits of fruit roll ups off the paper and rolled them into 52 eyes. 

Yep, probably even a thousand easier ways to make the eyes....

Then I heated my candy coating, and prepared to dip the pops. My candy coating was really thick for some reason, so I used some shortening to help thin it out.

So you just sort of dip, and twirl them around---

 Use a spoon to scoop some around the stick if you need to.

And while the candy is still tacky, add the eyes.

One alien cake pop, coming right up!

There are so many fun ways to display these too, but I also had to factor in driving them to school without them falling over. So I asked my husband (who was very helpful during this project) to wrap a cardboard box in some space wrapping paper we had and I poked holes in the top to hold them as upright as possible. 

And just like that, it's an instant alien party! 

Happy 6th Birthday to my amazing son! I love you!!

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  1. They turned out great! Love it! Happy birthday E!!!

  2. Awesome. I am going to feature these on Thursday afternoon at Bacon Time.


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