Friday, September 30, 2011

Craft Swap

Back in June (or July, I forget exactly) I posted on Facebook the idea of a craft swap. Not sure where I was really going with this idea. I suppose at first I was hoping that a bunch of people would get together and trade supplies, patterns, items, that everyone could bring something they didn't want and leave with something that they did. And then, as it will, life got in the way and I never really followed up with the idea.


A totally unexpected thing happened.  One friend called me and suggested a different spin on the idea. She had seen the bean bags I had made for my kids and really loved them. She has a daughter the same age as mine, and asked if I would make a ladybug bean bag for her 3rd birthday.  In return, she would make me a mosaic of my color/style choice.

Holy cow!! I have seen her mosaics, they are stunning! And that's not really something that I know how to do, and to be honest, not sure that I'd have the patience for.  So I said (after squealing loudly) YES!!!

One of the coolest things about craft swapping with a friend is that you have an idea about their style. In this case, I knew she wanted a nice bright red ladybug but not totally traditional. So I made the body with red polar fleece, added the black face and eyes, then started experimenting with color. I made some "antennae" with braided, variegated yarn, and rather than doing the spots in black, I made them multi-colored to go with the colors in her daughter's bedroom.  I was so excited about it that I started texting her sneak peek photos while she was on vacation. Like this one---

And then, when they got back I brought the finished bean bag over while her daughter was napping. And I was lucky enough to be there to see her reaction when she got up and saw her birthday present.

The ladybug bean bag, front view. 

 Side view.

Other side view.

I loved watching her daughter run across the room and pounce on the bean bag the same way my kids do with theirs, I think that's a sign of love. Seriously, have you ever seen a beloved toy? They are the most worn out, beaten up things, you feel equal parts sympathy for them and envy for being the number one lovey.

So what about the mosaic? Oh, yes, I got my mosaic! When we talked about it I knew I wanted one for the big, empty wall in my kitchen. And since we're neighbors, our houses have similar layouts so she knew exactly which space I meant. My kitchen is yellow, white and a bit of pale green and I have a great little cafe curtain in my corner window with embroidered daisies. So I wanted something to coordinate with that, and I just love what she came up with.

I love the lower strip of wood that I can add hooks to for coffee cups or dish towels. And I love the bright colors and mirror to open up my small kitchen.

This is such a fun addition to my kitchen, I just love it!

So, even if I didn't follow up on my original idea with the craft swap, I got super lucky to have a crafty friend (and neighbor) to have a totally different take on the idea of a craft swap. I hope that she is as happy with her part of the swap as I am. And I love her interpretation of the craft swap. I'd love to do this again with someone.

Hint, hint.....


  1. These are great! I am totally in for the craft swap - especially since I am trying to clean out and organize my craft room and probably have a ton of things I could "swap". Another idea is to do a craft night where we make stuff out of all this excess!


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