Thursday, September 15, 2011

Down at Fraggle Rock!

My son is turning 6 next week. That fact alone fills me with equal parts relief, sorrow, wonder and a huge amount of JOY! In case I have never mentioned this before, I love the heck out of this boy. He is so much like me that sometimes we can barely be in the same room, and yet.....every day I am grateful (when I'm not tearing my hair out that is....) to have been given such a remarkable gift in this little boy.

But we were talking about cake, were't we?

Well, we'll start now.

I thought I'd show you last year's cake as a preview since we are still negotiating this year's cake. Lucky for him I can work quickly!

I love Jim Henson, (how's that for a segue??) but I do, and frankly, with all the TV programming available, I still prefer Sesame Street, the Muppet Show or Muppet movies and especially Fraggle Rock. I love the Fraggles, and I so wanted my kids to love them too. I think I bought the first dvd collection when Elliot was 18 months old, and I'm not even sure he watched TV then. But by the time he was 2 1/2, that kid was a Fraggle addict! He was Gobo Fraggle on Halloween when he was 3 and this year is considering being Boober Fraggle. I love this kid!

So, last year, on the milestone 5 year birthday, he asked for a Fraggle cake. And like a good Fraggle groupie, I said "Whoopeee!"  And then, like any other mom, I thought "oh no! how am I going to make that?!"

Well, the cake part was easy, I would make a whole bunch of different size and shape cakes, stack them together, frost them kind of unevenly, maybe carve them a little bit and that would look like rocks, no problem. So I gathered up my cake pans, borrowed some from friends and laid out a rough idea of how the cake would stack.

But the actual Fraggles, well, there's really only one way (that I could think of) to do that.

So I bought some pre-made white Wilton fondant and started sculpting.  And slowly, over the course of about a week, the characters started to take shape.

I sculpted only the top half of Red, so she could be in the Fraggle pond.

And Boober.

Then Wembley, I like to think he's wembling in this picture.

And Gobo and Mokey.  Gobo was the only one I managed to make stand up, everyone else is sitting.
They were heavier than I thought they'd be, you'll notice that I propped them all up using foam and toothpicks so they could dry without falling over.

Junior Gorg wound up being pretty big and surprisingly heavy, so he was the only one I had to sculpt out of Rice Krispie treats and cover with fondant. Didn't want him to sink into the cake or fall over!

And as always, the boy asked for the one character I didn't do, Sprocket the dog. But, since I had enough fondant left, I made him too.

I left the figures to dry for a few days (the addition of a little gum paste to the fondant helped) and went back and painted them with watered down gel colors. If I were to do this over again, I would probably tint the fondant with the gel colors first. The colors turn out much more vibrant and you save yourself an extra step.
So, here's everyone painted.

The gang.  I hope by now you're hearing the theme song in your head.

And Sprocket and Junior.

After a lot of baking and frosting, I assembled the whole thing.

And we were "Down at Fraggle Rock!" I have to say, I was thrilled at how this came out!

And the next morning, when he got up----

I think my 5 year old was too.  Just look at that ear-to-ear grin! I'd say that's one happy kid. 

And a great party, and a happy family.

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  1. I love it! I think you did an amazing job. I wish I could sculpt like that.

  2. That is amazing! Did you actually cut into it? I don't think I could get my hand to make a slice, maybe a little off the back.

  3. What an amazing and cool cake. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time.

  4. I am doing a fraggle rock birthday for my son too!!!! in December - he's only 2, so maybe he'll have another one when he gets older. I'm totally trying to make this cake --- it's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but where did you store it? I'm assuming you assembled finished pieces the day before and left out over night? I'm so excited! --- My husband's going to dress up like Gobo and I'm going to be Red... my son I'm going to try to make him wembley or sprocket* --- thanks so much for this post - i was trying to find a good cake idea* and your's is the Best!

  5. I just discover this fantastic cake and I've could see me when a I was a child having fun with Fraggle Rock. Looking to your great figures an smile appear in my face because of those memories.

    My hobby is cake decorating, mainly hand sculpted cakes and cake pops and the next I'll do will be fraggles!!!

    Regards from Spain!

    My English is not the best, but I hope you have understood what I want to say!


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