Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Costumes Aplenty

Wow, where have I been??

Oh yes, I have been making Halloween costumes. Seven, to be precise. And now that I'm finished, I think the time has come to share them.

First, an adorable giraffe costume for an 18 month old sweetheart, whose favorite zoo animal is.....you guessed it, the giraffe! When her mom and I tried this on her, at first she wanted no part of it, kept shaking her head "no". So we put it on quickly for size and took it off again. She spent the next 20 minutes trying to get back into it, silly girl!

Next, the little brown bear. Now this little boy, he was serious, he came to my house to play with toys not try on costumes! We did get him in the suit, but decided not to force the hood. My daughter ended up wearing the hood for the next hour.

I made both costumes using Simplicity pattern # 2783, one of my favorite all-purpose jumpsuit patterns. It's very easy to add different ears and tails to customize this pattern.

Next were the sister and brother bumblebees. Big sister chose the theme for these and I think they are going to be adorable!

Girl bumblebee (size 4-5T) front view.

Girl bumblebee (size 4-5T) from the back.

Toddler bumblebee romper, back.

Toddler bumblebee romper, front  These were fun to make, I patterned the romper myself using an existing one from the little boy. And I finally got brave enough to attempt shirring on my sewing machine for the bodice on the girl's dress. I was so excited when it worked! I swear, I wanted to shirr everything in sight!

The next was a challenge. A 4 year old girl who wants to be Jewel, from the movie Rio. Ummm, okay. And this little girl has opinions, strong and many. So her mom and I took her shopping, had her pick out her colors and sparkles and feathers and then I took it all home and left it in a bag to marinate. Seriously. I needed a week (more like two) to wrap my mind around that one. Then I remembered a link I'd seen on Pinterest for wings. Using this tutorial translation from PluckyMomo as an inspiration, I made blue sparkly wings. Once the wings were together, the rest of the costume came together quickly.

The look on the little girl's face when she saw this! Oh, it made my whole day!

And finally, my own kiddos.  My son had asked to be C-3PO for Halloween this year one night at the dinner table, and little sister piped up with "I'll be R2D2" so this year they're a pair. And what a pair they turned out to be. I just love the way the costumes came out, and of course I love the kiddos wearing them.

So, that's what I've been up to lately.  At least I am done a week before all the festivities start, so now I can relax and enjoy all the candy!

 Happy Halloween!!


  1. Heather - they all turned out amazing! You are so talented. Can't wait to see these kids in costume!!!

  2. Heather these are absolutely fabulous! I am bowing down to your skill in sewing!!!!

  3. Oops! I was signed in as Paul on that last comment..it came from me!

  4. Really its absolutely fabulous....Really mind blowing


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