Friday, December 23, 2011

11th hour Christmas Presents

Do your kids do this....they get the Toys R Us (or other) catalog and suddenly they want a toy from that catalog that you have never seen or heard of before? Or make a list for Santa that does not include ONE thing that "Santa" has already bought for Christmas?? Please, please tell me (even if you have to lie) that I am not alone in this!

This year my son has been all Lego, all the time, so we told everyone "Legos, get the kid legos for Christmas! He loves them, hardly plays with anything else!" and felt quite safe with that, after all he's been making lists from the Lego catalog since his birthday (September). And then, quite suddenly, two weeks ago he spots an Angry Birds board game in the TRU catalog and suddenly that's the ONLY thing he's talked about. He even wrote a letter to Santa (twice) to ask for that game.

Well, I did not buy that game (and to be honest, after seeing it's price tag I'm not going to either) so now I'm left with THE dilemma. Give the boy the other 50 (a slight exaggeration, I hope) gifts he's getting and let it go at that, or find a way to get him the thing he's been asking for?

Luckily, I remembered a blog post from Obsessively Stitching that has all the patterns to make your own set of Angry Birds and Pigs. She has patterns and tutorials for making a complete set, truly amazing! And in my case, a major lifesaver. So, I got busy making the Angry Birds and Pigs for my kids ( because little sister's favorite phrase is "Me TOO!") ***Note: although I did use some of her patterns, I did not follow the tutorials exactly, and I used felt for some of the pieces because it's what I had on hand. Any mistakes I made are my own.***

And as of 11pm last night, this is how far I've gotten.

One big Pig (who still needs a crown)

2 Yellow Birds

2 Red Birds (right now these guys are my favorite)

2 baby Pigs

So, tonight after the kids are in bed, my plan is to make them each a blue bird and a crown for the big pig, and DONE!

Then we can combine these with some foam blocks we got a few years ago from my sister in law and have a game similar and just as fun as the store board game. Fingers crossed!

Have a Very Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Super-Easy Ruler Picture Frames

I know school pictures were a while ago, and I meant to put this post up months ago (really, really I did!) but let's roll it out for the holidays because I think these would make really cute gifts.

I was inspired by the fall Pottery Barn catalog, where so many of the kids' rooms and playrooms had a back- to- school theme. I noticed that there were a lot of rulers used as accents in the rooms and inspiration struck. Why not use school rulers to frame the kids' yearly school photos?

So I went over to Target and picked up a bunch of plain wood rulers for just 50 cents each. Then, off to the Dollar Store for some plain wood frames for, yes, only $1 each. I bought 8x10 frames, one for each kiddo, and then I liked these so much I went back and bought some 5x7 frames for the smaller photos.

And here's how I made them.

First, lay out your rulers on top of your frame and set them how you like them. I wanted mine to be offset on each corner, so I laid mine out with about an inch and a half extended off each edge.

I marked where I needed to trim the rulers and cut them on a band saw to the desired length. There is a metal edge, which I discovered you can easily pull out using a pair of needle nose pliers. Clip to match the length of the cut down ruler and push back in. Or you can cut through the metal as you're cutting the ruler on your saw, whichever you prefer.

Next, grab some glue (I used Elmer's wood glue) and glue the cut pieces of the ruler to the wood picture frame and set aside to dry.

Last, insert your child's school photo. Done!

How easy was that?! And total cost, $3.

You could easily add embellishments or, do a dry brush or light stain on the rulers to change the colors to match your room or decor. I'm a plain kinda gal, so I kept mine the way they were.

And how much would Grandma like her school photos in a cute new frame this year??

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