Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Knitting Needle Roll Up

A few weeks ago a good friend of mine told me about a great sale on knitting supplies. I have been knitting quite a bit lately and even though I have a good amount of needles already, can you ever really have enough of anything when it comes to craft supplies? And I'd never been to this particular store, so off I went. And it was the sale to end all sales on knitting needles! I kid you not. Now, I really only knit with circular and double pointed needles, and there were a ton of straight needles, but I managed to come home with 7 sets of circular needles and 4 sets of DPN's and a 4 pack of various size yarn needles all for under $9!


So, I took my needles home, spread them all out on my ironing board and drooled for a day or so envisioning all the wonderful things I would be able to knit with my new needles. I was giddy. But after a few days, I wanted to use the ironing board and it hits me, I have no place to put these needles. Come to think of it, almost all of my loose needles are just floating around in my various knitting bags. Well, that's no good. There's only one thing to do in a case like this, make some kind of holder for them.

Now, I knew I wanted a wrap style holder that had pockets for the needles to slip into that could be rolled up and put in any knitting bag. And I had some very funky and fun fabric in mind for the project. I didn't have a lot of the fabric, so I just trimmed off the uneven edges and used most of the full length. And since it was a fairly lightweight cotton, I added some light fusible interfacing to the back side.

Then I made a mistake. I wanted to fold up the lower half of the fabric to make the pocket, but for some reason I cut off the lower 6 inches. I know, what was I thinking?? And no sooner did the scissors make their final "snip" than I realized what I'd done. ARRGGGGHHH! Then I realized, of course I can always sew it back together. But, I wanted to make it look good (not like the accident it really was) so I sandwiched a strip of pink bias between the 2 pieces of cut fabric and sewed it all back together. And now, it's a lovely detail instead of an "oops".

(Now, when you all see this, you have to pretend that you don't know about the mistake.)

Next, I took some plain green cotton fabric and flat lined it to the other side. And then I had this, one side patterned, the other plain.

Then I sewed some blue fabric cut on the bias all the way around the outside to finish off the edge.

Next, I folded the bottom edge about 2/3 of the way up, so that I had a pocket. Then after pressing that fold in lightly, I pinched the fabric together along the folded edge to make a the pocket a little deeper. Like so:

Then I pressed that seam into place really well and pinned the edges. Then I measured out the widths of my pockets and stitched through all the layers of fabric to create them. I also stitched up the sides at this point.

Then, I added an elastic loop to one outside edge.

And then put all my needles into their pockets, rolled it up and marked a spot for a large button. Isn't that a really cool button? I took the needles back out and sewed the button in place.

Once that was done, I put all my needles back into the pockets and admired my work.

This project took about an hour from beginning to end and cost me nothing since the only fabric I used was from my stash. I love this crazy fabric! I'm glad to have found a great use for it. And now I will be able to find my knitting needles when I want to use them. And with the extra little fold in the pockets, there will be room to add more!

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