Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabric Gift Baskets

Yesterday, I posted my version of a storage tote using the patterns from Sew 4 Home.  I did modify that pattern a bit to make it into a tote rather than a basket. But I really liked the tutorial as written so I went ahead and made 2 more.

My inspiration for these 2 baskets came from an invitation to a friend's baby shower. What cute gift baskets these would make! And they can be loaded up with all kinds of baby items.  Plus, the baskets are functional. I just can't tell you how many ways these baskets are wonderful!

Since she and her family decided not to find out the sex of the baby, I went ahead and made a boy gift basket and a girl gift basket. These versions followed the tutorial pretty much to the letter. I used one of my favorite boy fabrics for the outside of the boy basket and lined it with a plain yellow Kona cotton. For the girl basket I used a more muted pink, cream, and grey butterfly fabric lined with a light pink Kona cotton.

Here are the baskets, finished.

Then I loaded them up with some other handmade items; appliqued onesies, some baby pants and hats and each got a laminated cotton bib (for later).

Baby Boy Basket.

Baby Girl Basket.

How cute did they come out?? I swear these fabric baskets could be used for just about anything!

Easter Baskets maybe??

Oh, and which basket did my expectant friend receive??  She had a beautiful little BOY!

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