Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Return of The Decorator Fairy

I suppose some of you may remember when The Decorator Fairy made her first appearance at our house in January. She arrived, did her makeover on the bottom bunk bed, and was gone before my daughter even got home from school. And peace and happiness has reigned in the bottom bunk ever since.

Now, what I didn't see coming was my son's reaction to the Decorator Fairy's work. He was really, really upset, angry, and jealous that the Decorator Fairy hadn't fixed up the top bunk for him. Silly me, I thought that having the top bunk was the coolest thing ever on it's own.

Apparently not.

But after several months of watching him, gathering odds and ends, and finding the perfect fabric just yesterday,  the Decorator Fairy has returned triumphant!

Now, one thing I've noticed about the top bunk is that there's no convenient side table to hold his books (or whatever else he drags up there with him). Okay, so he needed shelves. And he really wanted a canopy like his sister, only with "stars and space". Okay. He's really into Star Wars, and Lego. So, with all of that in mind, I started looking for ideas.

I found this Star Wars fabric at JoAnn Fabric and bought the rest of the bolt, a couple of yards.

I really liked it, but it didn't seem right for a canopy, so I kept looking.

And nothing. Seriously. Not one cool space fabric, no other Star Wars fabric that wasn't ridiculously expensive, and frankly nothing that spoke to me at all. So, I moved on to shelves. Again, nothing. I just couldn't find anything that seemed right, it got pretty frustrating.


I kid you not, I had pretty much given up looking for the right canopy fabric and had decided to just go with shelves until I found myself at JoAnn Fabrics again yesterday. 

And there it was.

I was stunned, it's just perfect! And I love the brightness of the colors, I snatched it right up. At last!!

I'd already been working on some shelves that I bought at the last Goodwill 50% off Saturday sale.  I do love to go all over town and stock up on things like frames, vintage sheets, and  hunt through the craft sections, in hopes of finding a treasure.  At the last sale I found what I was looking for! I found a bunch of mismatched cube shelves for 50 cents each, and suddenly I knew what to make. Lego shelves!!

Basically, I took three of the cube shelves all slightly different sizes, added 1 1/4" closet rod pieces to the sides and bottom, leaving the center and tops open to put things on, and spray painted them in bright Lego colors.  (For the full tutorial, see this post.)



Next, I built a bookshelf similar to the cubes, with a little Pottery Barn inspiration thrown in and painted it a nice bright blue. And once I put some tall books on the shelf to check the height, I added a small yellow cube.

I hung the space canopy above the headboard using cup hooks screwed into the ceiling with the fabric gathered onto a dowel rod just like on the lower bunk. The Decorator Fairy likes to go with the tried and true!

I used some of the cool Star Wars fabric to make a new pillow case. (With the long term plan being to make him a new winter comforter with the rest---it'll be a while before that happens) 

Then, once everything was hung up, I put the sheets (and all the animals) back on the bed, put some things on the shelves and.....

TA--DA!!!! The triumphant return of The Decorator Fairy!

Oh yes, and The Decorator Fairy left him a note thanking him for his patience as well as warning against any object heavier than a book being put on the shelves. (I figured he'd take it better coming from her.)

This is what he saw when he got home from school today. And I was lucky enough to actually witness his reaction without him noticing. He literally gasped, put his hands up to his face, looked at his sister and said, "The Decorator Fairy IS real!"  pause "And she made my bed even cooler than yours!!"

And then he asked to go to bed 45 minutes early!

Game. Set. Match.

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  1. Stopping by from the HOH link party. Love how you did his bunk. Very creative indeed. His reaction is priceless, so cute!

    1. Thanks Christa! He had a hard time leaving for school this morning, that's for sure!

  2. Oh! I love those LEGO cubes. I've SO pinned this and can't wait to build some for my LEGO crazed oldest boy. And yo know what? I am going to hang them above the top bunk, too. Then my son can build his masterpieces and my younger 2 children can't get their hands on them! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Bronwyn! I had the same thought about the my son's "projects". I'd love to see photos when yours are done!

  3. Those shelves are awesome! I need to put some up in my daughter's room for her books. What a great room theme! Thanks for linking up to What I Learned Wednesday! I hope you'll come again soon!


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