Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Bits to Knit

I love knitting. I am sure I've mentioned that before, but I've gone off on another knitting spree, and this one is especially wonderful because it involves projects that can be finished in ONE evening! Ahhh, I love quick  projects that result in instant gratification, don't you?

It started about a month ago with a random ball of yarn. I bought one skein of purple cotton yarn from the sale table at one of Tucson's great local yarn shops, Kiwi Knitting Company.  One skein. 85 yards. To be honest, I can't remember if there were more on the table or not, but I bought only one. I have no idea what I was thinking. Most knitters (or crocheters) don't buy only one skein of anything. It's usually not enough to do anything with, unless you have a plan.

Which I did not. Call it an impulse buy. So after finishing up 2 knitted cowls in April, I was looking for a quick project and I found the purple ball of yarn at the bottom of one of my yarn bags. Then I went looking on Ravelry for a something small to knit, and sure enough, I found the perfect thing.

Knitted washcloths! I love them! They're easy to knit up, there are all kinds of different patterns, which is a good way to try something new or practice something you're struggling with. (I am still trying to master a feather and fan pattern.) Plus, my kids love them! They're actually sad when they have to use regular washcloths now.

Not long after I started on them, Michael's had a sale on it's cotton Sugar 'n Cream yarn. Only $1 for a small skein, so I went out and bought a bunch, naturally. But at least this time I had a plan! I am going to turn this beautiful pile of yarn into as many hand knitted washcloths as I can.

I've used a simple stockinette square with a garter stitch border, one with a basket weave pattern, the green one (color chosen by my son), is an alien pattern by Nicole Randome, and the purple is her butterfly cloth

And still I had a small amount of yarn left over from some of the washcloths! I hate to waste pretty yarn, so I was super excited when I found the pattern for these little Owls on Ravelry. Making these is also good practice for increasing, using double pointed needles, and how not to accidentally turn your work inside out while knitting in the round. (yes, that is the voice of experience speaking)

So, now I have a bunch of these little guys.

Aren't they cute??  Mostly, they hang out on our bookshelves.  I do move them around the house from time to time. Because they need a change of scenery.   I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I have a....flock? herd??....what is a bunch of owls called?

In the meantime, Happy Knitting!!

Edited to add: Thanks to heatherriffic for looking this up and letting me know, a group of owls is called a "parliament".

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  1. From one crafty Heather to another, I Googled it and found a group of owls is called a parliament!


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