Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crazy New Curtains

Over the last few months I've been working on turning my kids' bedroom from a "toddler" bedroom, into a "big kid" bedroom. It's been somewhat challenging for a few reasons, the two biggest being that they share the room and that I really, really didn't want to repaint.

Pinterest, I'm sure you know, is just loaded with design ideas for boy/girl shared bedrooms, many of which are just fabulous but.....not really practical for this bedroom. It's small, for one thing and we'd already committed to bunk beds several years ago, and trust me when I say that under no circumstances was my husband going to look kindly on my sudden change of heart concerning the kids' furniture.

So, what else is there to do but just go with it?  I started with the lower bunk, seen here and moved to the upper bunk, seen here and both my kids love their "spaces" and have even embellished them more. My daughter told me she was the Decorator Fairy in training, which brought a proud tear to my eye sniff...sniff.

But what they really needed were some new curtains. Desperately. Not just because the old ones were a cute jungle nursery print, but after almost 7 years in a southwestern facing window in southern Arizona, they were bleached almost white, and well on their way to disintegration. So I spent several months this year hunting for the right fabric, pattern, colors, and nothing jumped out at me.


I was making my scrap map one weekend and I remembered a small piece of funky fabric that I wanted to use, so I pulled it out of my stash and there it was! The perfect fabric had been hiding in my closet all along! Has that ever happened to you?

Seriously, how fun is this fabric??!

I pulled it out of the closet, unfolded it and threw it over the curtain rod in the kids' room to see if I liked it in there, and yes, indeed it worked perfectly. I didn't have much of it and it had come from the red tag table last summer so I knew there wasn't going to be more to be had, but when I showed it to my friend Lori (Our Forever House) she reminded me that she had a yard of the same fabric and  gave me hers. Happy dance!

I decided to make the main part of the curtain a solid color and use the wavy fabric on the bottom. I got really lucky and found a green that looked great in the room and matched the green in the other fabric perfectly. After carefully cutting and piecing my wavy fabric together, I cut out the green fabric and my lining fabric (oh yes, they are lined this time, take that Arizona sun!) and then I got super busy and they sat folded up in my sewing basket until two nights ago.

There are a lot of lined curtain tutorials available, so I didn't write one. Check out House of Hepworths or Anna's Nest just to name two, there are many, many others. The only thing that took a bit of extra time was putting the two fabrics together to make one piece. I did a little topstitching at the seam for some extra sturdiness.

I decided to make a pocket at the top for the rod, with a little bit of extra at the top to form a ruffle, and once I got them done and hung up (at 11 pm while my children were sleeping) I decided they needed some trim. So I pulled them down and added about 1/2 inch wide strip of the wavy fabric to the top, just under the  pocket.

Then I re-hung them and they were perfect! I had to wait until the next day to photograph them, can't wake up the sleeping children after all, but I went to bed (late) and very happy.

This is the next afternoon, love them even more! I think the fabric is so fun and colorful and I'm so happy with how they turned out.

Two interesting side effects of the new curtains; one, the bedroom is actually darker (not that it's making my kids sleep later) and two, the bedroom is a bit cooler in the afternoons. These are all plain cotton fabrics, not home decorator weight, so I think that the lining helps a lot, and hopefully will extend the life of the curtains as well. So, in my opinion, it is well worth taking the time to line your curtains, especially if you live in one of the "sunnier" states!

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  1. Heather, I love not only your creativity, but your patience to wait for just the right materials or ideas to come along!

    1. Thanks Mae! That is a fantastic compliment!

  2. Crazy new curtains shown here are wonderful. Have a look at it


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