Friday, June 22, 2012

Maxi Skirts for Girls

I love the Maxi Skirt. I bought my first one last summer and all I could think was, how could I have not known about these before?! The Maxi Skirt has got to be the simplest, most inegeinious item of clothing ever. What more needs to be said about clothing that is as comfortable as pajamas and so much more socially acceptable than sweat pants?

I am working on some for myself right now, but those will have to wait until a later post. Today, I want to show you the ones I made for my 4 year old daughter. She actually asked me to make her a "long skirt like Mommy wears" while we were on vacation, so since I was already making some for me, she gets some too!

These 2 skirts took me a total of one hour to make. One hour. I think these are the simplest skirts I've ever made. The first one was made from 2 thrifted t-shirts and a strip of floral knit fabric I'd found on the remnant table at Hancock Fabrics last summer.

I had the smallest amount in the green stripe, so I used that for the top band, cut the navy and white stripes on the diagonal for the center and used the floral on the bottom.

First I sewed each piece into a tube, then sewed the bottom band to the middle right sides together. For the top, I made 1 inch casing which I threaded elastic through and then sewed it to the middle band. To finish it, I topstitched each seam down. Since knit doesn't fray, and I wasn't totally sure of my length, I decided not to hem it at all. And that's it, very quick and easy.

How cute are those toes??

For the second one I used some bright pink knit and a colorful stripe.

Using the first skirt as a pattern, I traced the shape onto the pink fabric. Then, I cut 2 pieces of the striped fabric on the diagonal to make side panels for the skirt. I took some inspiration from iCandy Handmade's Mismatched Maxi Skirt. I played it safe here and sewed the triangles onto the skirt pieces, then cut off the extra pink fabric. Then I sewed up the sides, made a casing for elastic at the top, and done!

Another nice thing about both skirts is they can be worn with either side as the front since they're only seamed on the sides. And the striped fabric pattern is different on either side (oops!) so it actually has 2 slightly different looks. I meant to do that. wink, wink

I made this one a little bit longer than the first one, I actually like them better that way. She really loves this one, it's pink, need I say more?? I really like watching her run around and twirl in them. She actually told me this morning that it was a good day to be a princess in her new skirt. Awwwww! Thanks, sweetheart!!

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