Friday, July 6, 2012

Knitting Amigurumi

I do believe I have found my knitting niche. (Thanks, Alison for the very grown up word as well as teaching me how to knit.) I love amigurumi! I love to knit little critters. All kinds of critters, sometimes the same ones over and over again. I like to watch my kids' faces light up when they find a new little something on the dresser in the morning. I especially love how fast they knit up, I am able to do a simple owl or cat in one evening. (All this practice must be making me faster.)

Plus, I am learning how to do new things as I get into more complicated patterns. I even took a class from a local knitting shop, Kiwi Knitting Company, and was surprised and excited to find out that I wasn't clueless! If you're a Tucson knitter or crocheter I highly recommend this shop. The stock is excellent, the ladies are just wonderful, and the class was really fun. I am going to take the beginning crochet series, but that will have to wait until my darling kiddos are back in school in the fall.

So, what have I been making, you ask?  Let me show you.

I made an amigurumi firecracker in the class.

And then started looking up free patterns online. Here are some of our new friends;

This is the princess kitty, made using a pattern by Natural Suburbia. Too cute!

A little bluebird, made using a free pattern from Berroco. I took him out to the bird bath for his photo shoot.

I've been calling this one Pinky's Cousin, it's a gift for my mother-in-law who loves flamingos. (Happy Birthday, Mary!)  I found this pattern at Spud & Chloe. This is a fantastic blog.They have so many adorable patterns, I can't wait to knit the frog and the pig!

I also got a request for another one of these owls, pattern by Jenna Krupar found on Ravelry. I have a bunch of these little fellows.

And last but certainly not least....

My son's very own personal minion, Dave. This pattern came from Just Crafty Enough. Love the Pocket Robot pattern too!

Okay, I love Dave.

 In fact, it was hard for me to part with Dave. Not to worry though, my son has already asked for another minion to assist Dave, his name (so I'm told) will be George. I was not very clear on who George would belong to though.

I have started to worry that I may be overrun with amigurumi critters at some point, so I came up with a solution, sharing.  Something I ask my kids to do daily. So beware, one day you may get a critter in the mail from me or find one on your doorstep or in your mailbox!

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  1. I LOVE these! You are so talented, friend!


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