Thursday, August 23, 2012

My "New" Shelf

About a month ago I bought a shelf for my craft room at my favorite consignment sale. It's the perfect size, shape and after looking at the price, it took me exactly 5 seconds to decide to buy it. The only thing that I didn't love was the color. Clearly it was meant for a little girl's bedroom or playroom, because it was a lovely shade of bubblegum pink.

VERY pink, I'm sure you'll agree. So, I decided to paint it. I've never been big on painted furniture, but there really was no other option here, it was either pink or paint! I knew I wanted a light, neutral color and I lucked into a quart of paint with primer that was on the "wrong color" shelf at the hardware store. (I swear, the mis-tinted paint shelf is my new favorite scavenging ground!) The color is perfect, a light grey that goes great with some fabric I chose to cover the back panels with.

Now, after I pulled the back cardboard pieces off the shelf, I had intended to use a sprayer to paint it.  I didn't want brush strokes on the shelf, and it's way faster. Here is the shelf and sprayer, all set up to be painted--

And then I had a setback. The paint sprayer was WAY too powerful for my little 3 gallon air tank. I think I pulled the trigger on the sprayer for maybe a minute before the tank was out of air. GRRRRR! But the shelf was out, the paint was open, and I was determined to finish it that day! So, I ended up using a small roller on the majority of it, and a foam brush for the corners which worked out great!

While I was waiting for the shelf to dry, I got out my trusty old spray adhesive and went to work on the cardboard backs. I found this great chevron fabric with the same light grey and some nice pops of color. I cut out squares about an inch bigger than my cardboard, sprayed both the fabric and the cardboard with the adhesive, then smoothed the fabric on.

I decided not to make the fabric match on each square, but you could easily cut out your fabric so each block is the same. Next, because I live in Arizona, where it is particularly dusty, I coated the front of the fabric covered boards with some Mod Podge, so the shelf will be easier to wipe down.

I just did one coat and then let them dry. Once the shelf and the backs were dry, I got out my stapler and stapled them back into place.

And when it was all finished, I was just in love! I swear, I am never happier than when a project comes out exactly the way I pictured it! Then I brought it in the room and yep, it fit right where I thought it would, even more exciting! 

It is a little taller than the window, but that doesn't really bother me. I just love the way it turned out! I was almost sad that I had to put baskets and things in the cubbies and cover up the cute fabric. But, I need a place to put my stuff, so I'll get over it! I'm thinking I might be a convert to painted furniture. I do see more in my future, that's for sure! Guess I'll have to keep trolling the hardware store for mis-tinted paint.  

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  1. Awesome Job!! I like the step by step directions!! I had a flashing thought of "I could do that"!


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