Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple Fall Tablerunner

I am wishing for fall. Here in southern Arizona fall is a long time coming, it can sometimes be 100 degrees even until Halloween. (Which can make cute, furry costumes uncomfortable, to say the least.) So, when I see photos of beautiful trees changing colors, and hear posts about cooler evenings, what can I say, I get jealous.

Well, even if I can't make the temperature feel like fall, at least I can get a fall feeling going inside the house. So, I pulled two fall-like fabrics out of my stash and made a simple table runner.

I decided to do a double sided table runner, so I chose these two complimentary fabrics. I just love the grey one, so I used that as the top fabric.

 I measured the length and width of an existing runner that I have, then cut the 2 fabrics to the same size, adding seam allowance. Then, simply sewed the fabrics, right sides together leaving a small hole to turn right side out. Then I turned the runner right side out and pressed it flat.

As a finishing touch I stitched this fantastic leaf trim that I won on a Tophatter auction. Isn't it perfect?! It is orange on one side and brown on the other, so while I was pinning it to the fabric, I chose places to turn it over so both sides would show. I think it makes a great finishing touch.

And that's it, I have a lovely fall table runner! So, even if the weather won't cooperate, I can sit a my table and at least pretend it's fall!

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