Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Costume Round Up

Phew! October is nearly over, and I made it through another season of Halloween costumes! Actually, I think the combination of early deadlines, planning, and a little bit of crazy went a long way to making this October so much smoother than last year.

To all my friends who asked me to leave my house in the first 2 weeks and got as a response, "I can''s October..." thanks for your understanding, I am now able to come out and play again!

To my husband and children, thanks for the support, love, encouragement and help you've given me this month. Oh, and double thanks to the kids for being my super-cute models.

And now, the Halloween Costume Round-Up (in no particular order)

Little Zebra

Nice face, right??

Gus and Jaq--Cinderella's Mice

Red and Green Yoshis (Mario Bros.)

And last, but certainly not least....



I am so glad that I got to make these costumes for all these great kiddos. I hope all of them enjoy being superheros and princesses and sharks and all the other wonderful characters they imagine and that everyone's Halloween is fun, safe and more treats than tricks.

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  1. Awesome job this year Heather, you are AMAZING!!! You truly are so talented.

  2. Shared your link! Hopefully, more business coming your way! Awesome job!

  3. You are so talented!


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