Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Dancing Princess

Happy October! Since this month is, for me, all about costumes I'm going to just jump right in and get the parade started.

Last year, I talked my (then) 3 year old daughter into being R2D2 to her brother's C3PO, which she was fine with, even excited about, until we got to school and she saw a whole bunch of other little girls in various princess and fairy costumes. She was not pleased, in fact, I remember some very angry looks being shot my way that morning.

This year she told me in no uncertain terms that she wanted to be a "Dancing Princess, with a pink sparkly dress that had pink with sparkles." Too bad for me she's so indecisive, right? So, I found some pink sparkly fabric, some pink eyelet fabric with a nice border, grabbed some pink trim from my stash, and McCalls Princess pattern 0626 as a guide, and let my imagination, which has been heavily influenced by The Tudors, run free.

I started with this pattern, because I really liked the shape of the Snow White dress, especially the sleeves. It also has a nice full skirt, good for twirling, so I'm told.

I cut out my pattern pieces, more or less according to the instructions, then set it aside and started adding my own embellishments.

First, I decided to add a center "stomacher"-yes, that is the real word for it, over the center front of the bodice.  I found some shimmery organza and gathered it onto a light pink piece of fabric in a slight "V" shape. 

Then, I laid it on the center of the bodice and top stitched it in place. I added some pink and silver ribbon trim over the unfinished edges and stitched it on top.

Next, I made the sleeves. I didn't take pictures of the process, and did use the pattern instructions as a guide on how to do the cut-outs. I fell in love with this sleeve, it's not easy to make, but it is the perfect little poofy, princess sleeve if I've ever seen one!

 Then, I put the sleeves into the bodice, and tried it on my daughter.

I thought the neckline was a bit too low, so instead of putting in the facings, I added a ruffle "crumb catcher" along the front of the neck and bound the rest with bias tape to finish the top.

I also decided to add a front panel in the skirt (as I said earlier, heavily influenced by the Tudors, here).  So I chose some light pink eyelet fabric that already had a pretty border, no hemming! Since the eyelet was pretty sheer, I did line it. After hemming the over skirt, I added the front panel, then hemmed the front sides of the skirt.

 And here it is all put together. I believe it has met all the requirements, it's pink, sparkly, twirly, and just made for a sweet dancing princess.

No argument here! It seems, this Halloween she has the "best costume EVER!"

Why, thank you, darling....I do try!

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  1. I LOVE that. My kids would adore it. You did a great job. I love that it looks a little like cinderella, a little like Sleeping beauty, but it was from a SW pattern. The perfect generic princess! Great job!

  2. Wow, that's one gorgeous dress! What makes it more amazing is that you did it yourself. Your daughter must be overwhelmed by its beauty. Little girls fall for pretty things like this, and it must be a delight to watch her twirl in that beautiful dress you sewed for her. :)


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