Friday, October 19, 2012

Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle Halloween Style

I'm going to interrupt the parade of Halloween costumes to show you another fun project we just finished up last weekend. The whole family did their part on this one, from saving our plastic soda bottles, to hanging the lights, the whole thing was a collaborative effort.

Our new Halloween Lights!

I truly do not remember where I even came up with this idea. I've seen various project that use a strand of lights in milk bottles and other things similar, but we don't really have a ton of options for displays when it comes to the outside of our house and we had an extra string of Christmas lights idea was born.

What I wanted was very straightforward, I would decorate the bottles with a few different kinds of Halloween faces, and my husband would put the lights in and hang them.

I asked my husband to start saving his soda bottles back in the beginning of September (and he never even asked why, what a guy!) So, when I finally had a spare afternoon last weekend, I went to see what we'd collected.

Wow! That's a lot of bottles! After I got them all out of the shed, my husband finally asked, "So, what's your plan here?" Don't you love it when they ask?? I explained my idea to him and put him to work pulling the labels off the bottles, untangling and counting the number of lights so that I could figure out how many different Halloween faces I'd need.

I finally settled on 3 different faces and colors; orange, white and green. Jack-O-Lanterns, Ghosts and Frankenstein faces. Here is how I decorated the bottles.

 First, I decided to use tissue paper rather than paint to color the bottles in the hope that it would be more opaque and let more light through. I put a thin coat of Sculpt-or-Coat on the outside of the bottles (Sculpt-or-Coat is very similar to Mod Podge, which you could substitute if that's what you have on hand.) 

 Next, I gently wrapped the tissue paper around the bottle.

 I used smaller pieces of tissue paper to fill in the bottom part of the bottle and the top.

Then, I put another coat of Sculpt-Or-Coat over the whole thing to seal the tissue paper.

Green and orange finished.  The next step, painting the faces! I used plain acrylic paint and just painted the faces freehand.



And Frankenstein.

All together.

The next morning, my husband and kids took everything outside to hang the lights. The kids were so excited.

They loved the way the bottles looked and couldn't wait to help their dad hang them.

I did nothing during this part but stand back and take pictures.

You really have to love a guy who's willing to go along with some of your wackier ideas, right?

The whole family got to have some fun and make some new holiday decorations.

And we used only recycled materials, or items we already had to make this. So, the cost was FREE!

Now we have a festive, not so spooky Halloween house! They really are cute during the day and at night all lit up.   How are you decorating this year?

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  1. Awesome Heather! We noticed how cute these were on a walk the other day, and I figured they were a product of your craftiness. Love it!

  2. Great do you hand them

  3. How do you hang them

    1. Thanks! We put a hole in the back of the bottles and used a zip-tie pushed through the hole, then up through the neck of the bottle and around the light strand. Then we hooked the zip tie over nails that were already in the awning along the house. Hope that helps!


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