Friday, October 5, 2012

She-Ra Princess of Power

One of the things I love about Netfilx is that it has some of the cartoons that I watched as a kid, and that my kids now love too. (Okay, it can sometimes also make me feel a little old, but I tend not to dwell on that.) Now, I'm not sure if I believed we were the only ones that preferred Inspector Gadget and The Garfield Show (and the Muppets--HUGE Muppets fans here) to Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob, or if I just don't really think about what other people do at home, but I was totally blown away when I got this Halloween costume request.

A good friend of mine has a 5 year old daughter who is crazy about She-Ra-Princess of Power. Do you remember She-Ra? I confess, even though I remembered the name, I couldn't really remember the show. Not to worry, because Samantha was able to tell me all about it, and I went home and watched an episode. Purely for research purposes of course.

Anyway, Samantha asked if I could make her a She-Ra costume for Halloween, and of course, I said yes.

As you can see from my research photo, She-Ra's outfit is not particularly suited for a 5 year old, or even a 25 year old--what the heck is that cape attached to, anyway?? So, I went home and looked through my dress patterns and it didn't take long to come up with the answer.

Yep, McCalls Princess 0626 to the rescue! (Also used for the Dancing Princess costume)

It has the right bodice shape, can be made sleeveless, and shortened to the right length. I found some great stretch charmeuse fabric that is washable, big plus as this costume is white and some lightweight gold satin (also washable) for the embellishments on the dress.

The cape I made separately using half of a circle skirt pattern.

For the crown, armbands, and the boots, I used a stretch metallic bright gold fabric.

I used felt to make the shapes of the armbands, wings, and crown and sewed the gold fabric on top. I stitched velcro onto the outer edges of the armbands so they can be easily taken on and off.

For the base of the crown I used a child-sized headband and hot glued the pieces on to it. After the glue had set, I took some strong upholstery thread and tacked the edges in place.

  And hot glued the red jewel on. Isn't this gold fabric amazing?

Last, but not least, I purchased a pair of tall suede boots at a thrift store and covered them with the same bright gold fabric as the crown and armbands.

Doesn't she look awesome?

 And she even has the pose down. (These photos were taken before I'd finished the boots.)

Happy Halloween, She-Ra--Princess of Power!!

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  1. This is fantastic! I LOVED She-ra as a child! Found you via the Nap Time Crafters Linky... Love your blog name too... very clever!


  2. Great job! satisfied customer! LOVE IT!!!

  3. That is absolutely amazing that is one lucky girl

  4. Wow this is awesome! And so much great detail. I'm featuring this on my blog tomorrow!

  5. Wow, so impressive. You have SKILLS! It is fun to see a She-Ra costume these days. :)

  6. great idea my 7 yr old granddaughter has been watching my She-ra collection of dvds now she wants to be She-ra for halloween

  7. Would you be willing to make one of these to sell? I am not so crafty, but my daughter desperately wants to be She-Ra.

  8. Would you be willing to make one of these to sell? My daughter desperately wants to be She-Ra but I am not so crafty.

  9. Would you be willing to make one of these to sell? I am not so crafty, but my daughter desperately wants to be She-Ra.


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