Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Knitted Critters (and a New Project Bag)

Exciting news flash--you can now follow my knitting projects on Ravelry! Over there-----> on the top of my side bar, you'll find a brand new "R" button, which will link you directly to my project page on Ravelry. That's where you can find all the details of my knitting projects, from the patterns to the yarn colors. I am still building my stash and project page, so it will get more interesting, I promise!

In the meantime, I've discovered (through Ravelry) the Knitted Toy Box blog, and have made several of her amigurumi knitted critters.

I love these little guys. They're really fun and quick to knit up, I can usually do one in an evening. I've been making these for the early childhood teachers at my children's school. Each classroom has a name, so I'm making little "mascots" for each teacher and classroom.

Here's what I have so far;

A tiny Turtle

Two sweet Butterflies

Aren't they cute!?  

And then, of course I needed to make a new project bag for all of my small yarn and critter parts that kept getting lost in my big knitting bag.

I thought the little toadstool fabric was appropriate for a bag that will hold little critters. It's a basic small tote bag, with one front pocket and one inner pocket. I had less than a yard of this fabric and I used every bit of it.

And then I filled it up with a bunch of knitting goodness! I love the Lion Brand Bonbons for knitting amigurumi, they're the perfect size and weight, and my small DPN's fit nicely in the front pocket. There may be a new version of the Knitting Needle Roll Up for this bag's future. But for now, this all works just great.

So, hop on over and take a peek at my projects on Ravlery. I'll be knitting up more critters and posting them soon!  

Happy Knitting!

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