Friday, January 25, 2013

A Simple Side Chair

I spent the fall buying various chairs. I decided that we don't have enough seating in our house. It's the truth, our house is not that big and with 2 kids and all their crapahem, I mean, stuff we did get rid of some of our old furniture and never replaced it.

I just made it sound like my chair buying spree was absolutely necessary, didn't I?

Necessary or not, it happened. Since November I've bought 4 "new" chairs to add seats in various areas in my house. I did finally decide to stop myself after buying 2 different armchairs in one day. Because they all need to be refinished, naturally. Which requires finding the right fabric, paint, or strip and stain, a whole new round of shopping, etc...

So, I basically bought myself 4 new projects. I finished the first chair right before Christmas, a cute little Bentwood that ended up being my new sewing chair.

Now onto the next, a simple side chair for our bedroom. It really could be a dining room chair, but there was only one at the thrift store, and I liked the style and size so I brought it home.

Meh. Not horrible, but not great either, and definitely not my style. I stripped the old fabric off and painted the legs a dark red. (see what painting one piece of furniture has done to me!) Then I found some nice dark brocade fabric with blues and golds and just a bit of red to reupholster it.

Much better! The fabric picks up all the colors in our bedroom and the red legs give it a nice pop of color.

I also think it has a masculine feel to it which, as it turns out is a good thing because even though my original intention was that this would be my chair, I decided to let my husband have this one.

Because I found something better for me. That post to follow soon....

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