Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My "New" Sideboard

This is one of those projects. You know, the ones that you pick up cheap from the thrift store (again with the thrift store??) and think, oh this will be a quick and easy re-finish project, it will be done in no time!

And fate laughs at you for even daring to think those words.

In reality, the project sits, forgotten, on the back porch for several long months until getting it done becomes the single most urgent thing you've done since giving birth.

Ooookay, so maybe that just happens to me.

Anyway, I bought this beautiful antique sideboard  for just $60 to go in my kitchen back in August, and just got around to re-finishing it. I was so excited when I found it, for one thing it's made of real wood, with dovetail joints on the drawers, and has an original factory sticker from Jamestown, NY. (I love to find furniture that's made in the USA)

But, it was in pretty rough shape. There was a lot of water damage on the top, and there was a lot of swelling in the joints near the top, as well as the drawers. Normally, I would sand, strip and re-stain a piece like this, but the water damage on the top and the swelling on the joints was bad enough that I decided to repair it and paint it.

First, I took all the hardware off the cabinets and drawers, and glued all the loose parts back together. Then I sanded all of the pieces and put two base coats of Kilz on the whole thing.

Then I painted the whole thing hi-gloss green. Now, I bought the green from the mis-mixed counter at Home Depot, so I was worried that it wasn't enough of a contrast from the pale green of the walls in my kitchen, but I really liked the color so I took a leap of faith.

Nope, I shouldn't have worried about that.  In fact, when we moved it into the kitchen, for several days, I would see it out of the corner of my eye and be surprised by the color.

We moved it in as we were putting up the Christmas tree, which blocks the largest front door in our house. That's why I was frantic to get it painted, I wanted to make sure that we got it into the kitchen the easy way.

So, I got the whole thing painted in a weekend, except for the second side of the cabinet doors. But, we moved it into the kitchen anyway.

And for a day and a half, it looked pretty much like this, no doors on the cabinets, while I painted the back of them.

But, as happens with most projects, eventually the whole thing gets finished. With new hardware, it is the perfect sideboard for my compact kitchen.

And yes, it's exactly the right shade of green, nice and bright, and I love it! I admit, I was nervous about painting a beautiful antique piece of furniture, but the whole thing turned out just perfect. It just fits, if you know what I mean, the perfect sideboard for my kitchen.

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  1. The idea of refurbishing antique furniture makes me really nervous, too. We've got a lot at my house. But, like yours, there were too many people who just didn't care and they're covered in watermarks and the wood is busted in places. That's when it's a great idea to do something like you've done. I think your piece looks great and I LOVE the green!

    1. Thanks Dianna! This was a big step for me, I'm glad I took the chance :)

  2. Very pretty! I love the green :)

  3. Turned out really cute. I have done large pieces and while they are a lot of work they are so rewarding when they are done. Nice job!

  4. Nice job - it looks great! And, "In reality, the project sits, forgotten, on the back porch for several long months until getting it done becomes the single most urgent thing you've done since giving birth." made me LOL - I'm glad I'm not the only one with these impulses!

  5. It is beautiful. I love the color. Great job.
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  6. love the color you painted it! great job, and great find!


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