Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Funky Living Room Chair

On and on we go with the merry-go-round of re-furbished chairs. This is what happens when you buy a bunch thrift store chairs all at once, you spend the next several months finding the perfect fabric, paint, and time to re-do them.

Lesson learned. Don't buy 3 thrift store chairs all on the same day. Check.

This one I bought for the living room. We don't have a lot of seating options, so I've been wanting to add a side chair (maybe 2) to the room. I found this at one of my favorite Goodwill stores, an odd little chair that someone started to re-do, painted and added some sort of cushions, I'll let the picture speak for itself.

The diamond tufting was really neat, but the fabric is really worn, not to my taste, and ummmm the flat black paint?? I don't think so.

This was a really easy chair to strip down, not much to it after all, and that seat cushion turned out to be loose and pinned to the canvas underneath. Once I had it all stripped, I painted it a chocolate brown color. Then after several days of trying to figure out how to do the seat, I settled on using jute webbing.

Basically, you use the webbing to weave a tight base for the seat cushion, beginning in the center, and stapling webbing to either side of the seat.

Then, you weave strips in and out of the webbing in the opposite direction. This is the base of your seat.

Next, I covered the seat with a thick canvas, just to reinforce the seat. You don't have to do this, I have kids, everything needs to be extra strong!

Then, proceed as with any other chair, add the foam and batting to the seat and lay the fabric on top.

I. LOVE. THIS.  FABRIC.  Yet another SAS find, it's a printed canvas, so sturdy enough for the kids and I love the retro print and colors. Seriously, this could have walked right off the Brady Bunch set, don't you think?

I decided that I wanted to leave some of the seat frame showing, so I folded the lower edge of the fabric over along the bottom as I was stapling it to the frame. This gives it a more finished edge, again, not something that you'd have to do, just how I did this one.

This is the seat finished. Maybe that fabric is more reminiscent of the Flinstones... No matter, it still speaks to me.

For the upper parts of the seat I worked in sections, starting with the center back. In order to get the finished back piece, I had to lay the fabric right side to the back of the chair and staple with the wrong side facing up along the inner edge of the frame.

Like so. This is what the front looks like once the excess fabric is trimmed away. 

And from the back. 

Next, lay in a thin piece of foam ( I used 1/2 inch because that's what I had) then batting and staple in place.

Then, I put the fabric on top and stapled all the way around, pulling the fabric tight as I went.

Again, I cut away the extra fabric along the edges. The raw edges of the fabric will get covered up later.

Then I had to make a decision. Originally, the sides of the arms were open on the chair, and I was fine with that when I bought my fabric. I knew I would have enough to do the back and seat, so I thought I would leave the sides open as they were. But, it turned out that I had enough to do the sides....dilemma!

Since it was late in the day I decided to bring it in the house, tape a piece of fabric on one arm, leave the other open and let it sit for the evening.

And sure enough, by morning I had decided that I wanted to upholster the arms as well. They were easy, I just upholstered each side the same way I'd done the center back. 

Last, but not least, I had to cover up all the staples and unfinished edges. I made some double welt piping from the same fabric and hot glued it along the edges of the chair.

Done! And ready to move into it's new home in the living room.

It's true, this fabric is not subtle, an even I might not want it on a sofa, but on a little side chair it's just the right amount of pop for my house. It makes me happy every time I go in the living room. Maybe one day I'll even allow people to sit on it. 

That's chair number 2, only one more to go....

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  1. That's awesome! What a fun upgrade! I found you at Sassy Little Lady--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  2. This looks amazing! My grandma used to be a whiz at reupholstering too. It's something that's been a little intimidating to tackle for me so far.

    I'm visiting from the I Heart Naptime link party.

  3. Great job! I love furniture refashions. It's awesome to see what they once were and what they can become!

    I'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog. Just a few of my favorite cosmetics and goodies. Stop by and check it out!

    Have a great week!


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