Monday, March 18, 2013

Pallet, Pallet on the Wall....

This weekend my family and I started our annual spring clean up of the back porch and yard. This event always happens the week before my daughter's birthday party, time to get rid of the clutter on the porch, get rid of broken toys, and start tackling the weeds that have been growing all winter.

But that stuff is boring and this year I got smart and told my kids I'd pay them to pull the weeds out of the planters and wash down all the plastic chairs, the playhouse, and various other toys. My husband swept the porch and started spraying the weeds in the yard. (Side note, we're trying vinegar on the weeds this year instead of chemicals, better for the kids and dogs, so our whole yard smelled like pickles all afternoon.)

Which left me some time to do one of those projects that has been laying around forgotten for several months.  I had picked up this pallet from behind the shop I work in and brought it home with the intention of hanging it somewhere, sometime. I didn't really have a plan, I just wanted it, does that happen to you?

Well, I figured it out this weekend. I wanted to hang it on the wall near our grill and sideboard to use as a shelf. It's been sitting out in the garden for a while and with all the crazy weather we've had this year, it has aged really nicely, so I decided not to do anything but add some color to it.

Easy. I got some turquoise paint, watered it way down and used a combination of wet brush "staining" and dry brushing the paint on for an uneven effect.

I love the texture of the wood and how the paint highlights the roughness of the boards.

My husband helped me hang it on the wall. Between the weight of the pallet and having to mount to a block wall, that was a 2 person job for sure! 

I think it goes very well with the rustic sideboard (pay no attention to the ugly, white, plastic garbage can) and I really am going to put things on it, but I just wanted a day or two to admire it just the way it is.

Now that I've finally put this one up, I want more for other parts of my yard. Guess I need to go scavenging!

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  1. lovely! What will you use the side board for? Cool space for sure!

  2. Thanks Rebecca! I decided to put all the grill items and plastic table wear, napkins, cups and picnic like items in the sideboard. I think there may be more to do with it though as there is still plenty of room.


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