Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finishing the Kitchen

Last week was a busy week at my house. Cross a long abandoned home project off our list!

We had started re-painting the kitchen 7 years ago (before our son was born). We got the walls done, found out I was pregnant, I was put on bed rest, had our son, 2 years later had our daughter, and finally got around to finishing the cabinets last week. My husband and I set aside 3 days to do the re-painting, so naturally, it took us 5 days to fully complete the project.

Oh, the things we learn when we do home improvement projects. Like how many flat head screws are actually holding our cabinets together. Or just how gross the floor under your washing machine gets when you don't move it for 7 years. Or how old your plumbing is when you find a copper water line leading to your refrigerator. And those are just the highlights.

Despite the fact that my husband had a really hard time taking the doors off the cabinets, due to years of paint, I somehow managed NOT to get a true "before" photo, sorry about that.

This was the color of our cabinets, sort of a dull faded yellow. Blech! 

Several of which had some lovely (and dated) contact paper in them. Now, I like retro as much as the next person, but this has got to go!

We decided to paint everything a gloss white. Our walls are a very pale green, the tile is two shades of yellow, and I just refinished a sideboard (seen here) in a bright green, and I wasn't willing to throw another color into such a small space, so white seemed like a pretty good choice. 

Once my husband pulled all the doors off the cabinets, I took them out back to paint. And I was lazy. And I paid for that laziness by having to paint the doors twice. If your doors, or walls or furniture or whatever you're painting has any kind of shine to it, you MUST do one of the following things:
1. Strip it using a chemical paint stripper.
2. De-gloss and sand it.
Or 3. Prime it with a primer like Kilz or Zinsser.
If you don't, you will end up with peeling paint, sore arms, a bad mood and have to do one of those things anyway, trust me.

So, that was my day one. Not a great day. But the next day things went better, my husband primed all the cabinets, and when it was dry, I followed behind with the paint.

Looking good. Moving along nicely, until I went back to the doors and suddenly decided that they needed molding on the fronts. My husband is such a patient man, he didn't even roll his eyes at me. So, back to the store for 1/2 round molding, which he cut by hand with the saw and miter box then handed to me to glue and nail to the door fronts.

The molding seriously improves the look of the doors. I started loving them again. Once they were a nice, glossy white, I loved them even more. 

We let everything dry for a day, then started to reassemble our kitchen. I put new contact paper in the shelves and drawers.

We put the doors on the shelves near the washing machine.

Put the hardware back on the drawers and cabinets. All I did there was spray paint the old hardware with shiny nickel spray paint.

And then I left my husband to put the cabinet doors back on by himself. Yes, I really did. I went to a birthday party with my son, and when we got home, the doors were back on.

I am amazed at how much bigger our kitchen looks.

And brighter. And cleaner.

We do still have some touch-up to do, and one door with a hardware issue, but overall the whole kitchen looks fantastic! And I am sooo glad that it's done!!

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