Friday, July 12, 2013

Dress Up...Again!

Here's how it happened. You'll recall that I had built a small dress up storage unit for my kids a while ago. Then, more recently, I built a larger version for a friend's 2 daughters. While I was building the larger one, I kept thinking that I should really upgrade ours from the small to the larger version.

This time I took the kids with me to buy lumber and choose a paint color. Since it's a shared item, it must be a color they both like. And something I can stand to look at. So, after some discussion, they chose orange.

Bright, safety cone orange.  Ummm, really?? Sorry children, I don't mean to step on your decorative style, but Home Depot orange is not gonna happen! We compromised on a milder orange color, one that they liked and one that I could live with.

The color is Orange Slice from Glidden, and once I had painted the dress up storage unit, I actually liked it a lot. (That was a big relief, is there anything worse than painting something then deciding you can't stand the color??)

Halfway through painting it orange, I began to have visions of a stripe detail, after all that is a lot of orange. I got out some painter's tape and started taping in lines on the 2 ends and down the shelf on the front. I didn't measure anything, although I did make sure the lines were straight, and I decided not to try to make the 2 sides match. I painted the stripes yellow, turquoise, dark grey, and pink. A little something for everyone, and what I already had on hand.

Side detail.

Top shelf detail.

While I was painting the stripes, I kept thinking of the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh, the places you'll go.." Maybe it was the colors that reminded me of the book, or the stripes, or maybe I just had Dr. Seuss on the brain that day, but I decided to go with it.

I used the turquoise blue for the lettering. Then I took the hardware off the old one, and put it on this one.

Her side.

His side.

Again, I thought it would be more fun to let them choose where their letters hung and didn't try to have the sides match.

Last, but not least, I moved it into their bedroom and transferred the costumes, props, hats, shoes and a million purses (seriously, that girl has more purses than I've ever owned in my entire life!) into the new dress up box.

And I'll be darned if that sucker isn't full ALREADY!!! But, there is a lot more space, especially in the bottom, and the kids seem to have an easier time getting their costumes out and (mostly) hung back up. They're also very pleased with having had some design input on this project. Maybe I should have them help me with a certain kids chair that has me completely stumped. I'm pretty sure they'd have some opinions!

Have a great weekend!!

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