Sunday, September 29, 2013

Knitted Brain Hat

Who's ready for some Halloween projects?? I am! I am!! So, without further ado, I bring you---BRAINS!!

This project was a special request from my good friend, Jen, from last Halloween. Yes, you read that right, it has taken me a full year to complete this knitting project so that she can wear it to this year's Zombie walk.

And at last it's done! (happy dance)

The pattern, created by Alana Noritake, can be purchased on her Ravelry page, found HERE, for just $5. It's a simple knit hat pattern made with fingering weight yarn in the brain color of your choice. The squiggles that create the brains are made from knitting a boatload of I-cord and sewing it onto the finished hat.

I ended up using a different hat pattern than the one in the written pattern, simply because I couldn't get the gauge right, but any basic knitted hat will work as the base.

As for the I-cord, I did mine on DPN's by hand, which you don't have to do. You can buy an I-cord maker, which would probably be faster, but I wanted to knit 2 different yarns together, in order to get a bloody-ish effect (she is wearing it to Zombie walk, after all), so I did it the slow way.

I also should have measured how much I-cord I actually used, but I was getting down to wire on this project so I totally forgot.

Overall, this project was fun and challenging and I can't wait to see it on Jen! I'm not sure I'll be whipping up another one of these any time soon, but I'm pretty proud of my work on this one!

Update 10/29/13---The hat on Jen!! She rocks it!

More Halloween to come...

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  1. this is brilliant! found you via pinterest and icord ideas :) can I ask how long it took to sew on the cord? I tried crocheting it on a hat before and it took forever...


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