Friday, September 20, 2013

Mario Cake Pops

Today is my son's birthday. 8 years old. And yes, I'm sitting here thinking, where has the time gone?? How did he turn into such a big kid right before my eyes in just a moment? All of this went through my mind as I watched him sleeping on the living room floor (??!!) early this morning.

My son, like most 8 year old boys, is not particularly sentimental. His eyes popped open, interrupting my "moment", he grinned up at me and said, "Hi Mom, it's my birthday! Did you make cake pops?"

It seems one of us has his priorities in order. So, let's forget sentimental musings and get to the cake pops!

By now, I have to assume everyone who has ever wanted to make their own cake pops, has found their own perfect recipe, so I'll just skip to the decorating.

This year he's a Mario Brothers fan, so I made him Toad cake pops.

Turned out pretty cute, I think. Here's how I made them--

Instead of rolling the cake into balls, I shaped them like little mushrooms. Then, I dipped the bottom parts into the white candy coating and added the sticks.

Once they were nice and solid, I dipped the tops into the red candy coating and stood them up to dry.

Okay, so maybe calling this "standing up" is a slight exaggeration. I could not get them to stand up straight in the box this year. But they were upright and not stuck together, so I just went with it. Next, I cut out a bunch of little circles from Wilton's Edible sugar decorating paper and "glued" them onto the red caps.

It looks like a mushroom earthquake hit, doesn't it? For the eyes I used some black sparkle gel, applied with a toothpick.

And done! These were really easy to make and he approved wholeheartedly. 

And that's really all that matters to me. Happy 8th Birthday, Elliot!!

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