Friday, October 18, 2013

Peacock Costume

The Peacock Costume. This costume is one of my favorites from this year. It turned out to be such fun to put together, I loved picking out all the different fabrics and feathers, and it presented some interesting challenges with style vs. wearability.

First, mom and I agreed that the main part of the costume would be a top and skirt, 2 pieces, rather than a dress. With that in mind, I found some royal blue crushed velvet that had a nice stretch for the top, cut it to fit snugly around her chest, and added some turquoise shoulder straps to it.

I made the skirt in 2 parts. First I made a circle skirt using a royal blue satin. Then I cut a piece of turquoise chiffon into an oval shape and gathered it into the top of the circle skirt leaving it longer in the back to form the lower part of the tail. Then I added an 2" elastic waistband to the skirts to put them all together.

For the upper part of the tail, I cut out a piece of stiffened felt in a fan shape. I sewed various strips of tulle along the bottom edge on both sided of the felt to give it some sparkle. Then I added a tie on the lower edge using what was left of the blue velvet.

Once I had the tulle sewn on, I hot glued the peacock feathers onto the felt (underneath the tulle) filling in with some colored ostrich feathers. Then, I added the lighter purple fabric underneath the tulle to cover the feather stems.

 Last, I hand tacked the tulle down over the feathers so that the tail can be worn down (as above) or worn up when snapped to the top piece. (see below)

As a final touch, I made a headband with the rest of the feathers, some tulle, and ribbon.

Here is the final result from the front, tail down.

From the back, tail down.

And perfectly posed, with the tail up.

She's just gorgeous, a proud peacock for sure!! And that smile says it all, doesn't it??

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  1. Love! I made a peacock costume for my daughter this Halloween too--done in a very similar way!


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