Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Sometimes all you need is a piece of a costume to spark an idea. This was the case with this costume.

My friend Dawn and her daughter Catherine were in a thrift store when they came across this little gem of a skirt.

It so happened that Catherine wanted to be a Zombie Cheerleader for Halloween, so this find was perfect! Then, they asked me to make her a top to go with it. They gave me a pretty free hand with just one request--that the logo be the mascot of Cienega High School (one of our local schools).

I made a sleeveless v-necked top out of some dark grey knit using Catherine's measurements. Then, I took a piece of stretch silver satin and painted the Bobcat mascot on in white, mostly using a stencil and freehanding where I needed to.

Next, I sewed the satin piece to the front of the shirt and added some shredded grey gauze around the edges. The nice thing about making a zombie costume is that very little has to be finished, after all they did just climb out of a grave somewhere, right??

As a final touch I made some zombie pom poms. I ripped up strips of gauze, lace, some grey ribbon, silver lame, really anything I had leftover from the other parts of the costume. I made 2 piles of the strips, tied them in the middle, and made loops for the handles. All put together the costume looks like this---

For some added Halloween fun, Dawn had Catherine's pictures taken fully made up by an amazing local photographer, Heather Mann.

She really brings the costume to "life", so to speak. (wink, wink)

Seriously, how amazing is this?? She's going to be super spooky this Halloween!

For more about Heather Mann Photography, (and other adorable Halloween pictures) check out her Facebook page.

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