Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Beautiful Butterfly

Ready for number 2?? I know you saw this coming, the companion to The Hungry Caterpillar costume can really only be the Beautiful Butterfly, amiright?

So, let's get started. Again, I used mostly felt for this costume, partly for the stability and partly so that the 2 costumes would be of the same world. 

First, I cut out some basic wing shapes and laid them out roughly how I planned to sew them together.

Next, (and this was really the fun part) I used different overlapping fabrics to create details on the individual wings.

One of the things I've always loved about Eric Carle's illustrations is the combination of collage and watercolor, it creates such beautiful layers of color. 

Once I had all the fabrics laid out, I appliqued them on to each wing. I made 4 of each wing so that the wings would be double sided when finished

Once the wings were all stitched together, I added the body in the center. 

Ta-da! The finished wings. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. 

I added some elastic for her arms to go through at the wrists and near the shoulders.

I also made a tank top and a tutu to complete the look.

And here is the Beautiful Butterfly! 

I'm so happy with how these two costumes turned out, they were so fun to make!  


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume

Welcome to 2014's Halloween costumes! This is becoming a pretty big thing around here, both the creating and the blogging parts, so I want to start with one of my hands down favorites.

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

A very nice woman from Massachusetts contacted me in September to make this set (oooh yes, it is a set) when she saw my blog post about the puppet set I'd made for my friend Libby back in 2012. 

I'm always up for a new challenge and I loved making those puppets, so off I went. 

I used a combination of felt and fleece to make the costume. The hat base is fleece, as are the eye appliques. I used felt for the antenna since it is a bit stiffer and stands up better.

Like so! Cute, right? And super quick and easy.

I used fleece to make all the caterpillar feet, 3 for each side, which I stuffed and set aside while I worked on the body.

The body is made from felt, which I doubled up for extra sturdiness. I stitched each segment together at the sides, then added the feet at the side seams as I went.

I used several different shades of green felt, alternating colors as I went.

I left the head opening large enough to go on over the head, and cut out armholes in the top section.

Last, I cut strips of felt and layered them along the center back and stitched them on making his "hairs". 

And here he is, ready to chomp and devour his way through all the fruits, vegetables, and anything else that gets in his path.

And here's the back. With the "hairs". (That's what my daugther keeps calling them, I find it very amusing.) 

And there it is, the first Halloween costume of my season! And remember, way back at the beginning, I hinted that there may be others in this set....

Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Princess Elsa Dress

Aaaand once you've made the Anna dress, why not an Elsa dress to go along with it??

I am working on a tutorial (and possible pattern) for this dress, but I just can't wait to share these photos, so here's a preview!

In a way, this dress is much simpler in construction than the Anna dress. I think the choice of fabric is really what makes this dress, and given how many different beautiful glittery, fun, sparkly fabrics that are available, I say choose what suits you and your princess and "Let it Go"!

I chose satin for the skirt and some textured knits for the bodice.

For the cape I found some great white sheer fabric with silver glittery stars (or snowflakes in this case).

The other thing that brings this dress to life is the imagination of it's wearer.

I think there's no doubt that the queen has arrived!

Tutorial coming before Halloween, so check back!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Princess Anna Costume

This post should come as absolutely NO surprise to anyone that has a daughter who has seen the movie Frozen somewhere in the neighborhood of a bazillion and one times, amiright??

I mean, of course I made an Anna dress for my girl. You saw this one coming, right?

For this pattern I modified my favorite Simplicity Princess pattern (#0626) using the Snow White top as the guide for the vest. I made the skirt as stated in the pattern. For the under shirt I made a simple long sleeved t-shirt with a stand up collar using some jersey knit fabric and an existing long sleeve t-shirt for a pattern.

After sewing the skirt pieces together, I used a dark teal tulle as an overlay on the bottom edge of the skirt. I stitched the bottom edges together, then folded the tulle up toward the skirt and pinned it in place. I marked the circles with some tailor's chalk and a bowl (because I'm super scientific like that) and sewed along the lines. Then I cut away the excess fabric leaving the border and a finished hem.

Now, last year I had great success painting on satin for my Sofia the First costume, so I decided to use the same technique on this dress. I made stencils for each of the motifs and painted them on the skirt.

I painted each one using white as a base color first. I find that on a darker colored fabric, your colors will be brighter if you start with a white base.

Once I had them stenciled on, I went back in and added the colors. Then I used a clean cloth and a dry iron to heat set the paint.

For the top, I changed the neckline on the pattern to a "V" shape and left the sleeves off, then used some gold bias tape to bind the neck , arm, and waist edges. I used a velveteen fabric for the vest, which I couldn't paint, so I used Heat Bond and some fabric scraps to make appliques for the flower motifs instead.

I sewed the top to the skirt, then applied the gold binding along the waist seam. I made the t-shirt separately adding a piece of trim down the front as an accent.

And there you have it, in all of it's Frozen glory! I swear I sang "Let it Go" the entire time I was making this dress. And yes, I know that's not Anna's song, but it's the song that got stuck in my head.

Luckily, I had this beautiful girl to come wear the dress and sing the right song for me!

Do you want to build a snowman?? 

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Simple Kitchen Decor

This project has been on my to-do list for quite a while. (Have I been saying that a lot lately? I feel like I have been, that must mean I finally have some free time, hooray!) Anyway, if you're looking for a fast and fun project for your kitchen, I can recommend this one!

You will need:
An old picture frame, any size
A set of old silverware, whatever combination you like
Spray paint, color of your choice
some cardboard
fabric (or more paint)
hot glue and scissors

First, remove the glass from the picture frame. You won't need it for this project, so you can set it aside for something else if you'd like.

Next, spray your frame in your desired color. I used a gloss white.

Since you're already painting, spray paint your silverware in a contrasting color. I chose ecru.

While your paint is drying, cut a piece of cardboard to fit into the frame. You can either paint the cardboard or cover it with fabric (if you choose fabric, remember to cut your cardboard a little bit smaller to allow for the thickness of the fabric). 

Once you've gotten your fabric on straight, which I eventually did, wink wink, use spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the cardboard and wrap the edges around the back.

Flip the silverware and frame over and paint the other side. Once that's all dry, grab all the parts and the hot glue gun and get ready to assemble.

Lay the silverware out on the backing and use the hot glue to secure it down.

Last, reassemble the frame, pick a spot in your kitchen or dining room and hang it!

I hung mine next to the cabinet along with our favorite apple wall art. 

A simple, quick, and fun project to brighten up any kitchen. Enjoy!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Old Chair, New Chair

I have had this chair since 1997. No joke. I have been moving this sucker around for 17 years. It is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever owned. But as you can see, badly in need of an update. Not to mention repair.

The totally worn out spot you see is courtesy of the dog, as is the discoloration of the wood on the arm. She spent years standing on this chair looking out our front window, wishing us home whenever we were gone.

Plus, let's be honest. The plaid is UGLY! 

Once I got the fabric off, I went ahead and restained the arms. It already looks a million times better.

I did a little touch up around the bottom frame, and re-sealed the wood. 

Then I started on the fabric. Oh, this fabric. It's a dark navy and tan herringbone pattern. I had spent months looking for the perfect fabric for this chair, I came close to settling for something that was just okay. I am SO glad I waited. 

Because this is the right fabric for this chair, am I right? I knew it the moment I laid eyes on it. (My husband wasn't sure at first, he thought it may be too busy, good thing he can admit when he's wrong!) 

Here is the front of the chair with the new fabric. 

The side, without trim.

And the back.

Now, this chair also has cushions, which I made using the same fabric. I found a dark navy complementary fabric to use for the piping on the cushions, and since I had some extra bias strips, I used them as trim on the chair.

I think the flat trim works really well, it finishes the chair without competing with the the patten of the fabric.

And here is the new beauty of the house in all her glory.

A nice modern look for the old girl, don't you think? Still plenty comfortable too. Not that I will let anyone sit on it ever again. 

Just kidding---maybe.

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