Saturday, February 1, 2014

Upholstering an Ottoman

Happy New Year!!

Yes, I know it's February, but due to a crazy schedule and a wonderful family vacation over the holidays this is my first blog post of 2014, so just go with me, okay?

One of my first projects this year was this fun little ottoman my friend Jen bought as an uncovered piece from Cost Plus. It's a good, sturdy little frame with an attachable top cushion.

I love uncovered furniture waiting to be made into a signature piece, don't you?

The ottoman will go with this chair that I had redone for her in December.

But, we didn't have quite enough fabric to do both the top and the bottom of the ottoman in the same fabric. So, Jen found some plain red fabric and we decided to do the top in the patterned fabric and the bottom with the red fabric.

The top is just a basic cushion cover with piped edges.

The only thing that I did differently than, say, a sofa cushion, was to put the zipper on the underside of the cushion. That way, you aren't looking at an exposed zipper along one of the sides.

Once the cushion was finished, I set it aside and upholstered the base. First I cut a rectangle of red fabric to fit the top, then sewed strips on each side. Then, I gave it a "fitting", that is, I laid the fabric over the ottoman, wrong side out and pinned up the sides in order to get a nice snug fit.

Then, I pulled the cover off and stitched along the pinned lines, trimmed away the excess fabric and pulled it back on, unscrewed the legs from the base and stapled the fabric to the bottom.

Once the fabric was stretched and stapled in place, I put the legs back on, and it was done.

So, now you're wondering,"She's got 2 parts of an do they stay together?" With a piece like this, there are a few choices you could make; you could leave them separate, I could have sewn velcro to the underside of the cushion and the top of the base, or you could sew them together.

Jen told me she wanted them attached permanently, so I chose to sew them together. Now, did you notice the zipper in the typar on the underside of the base? I really have to give kudos to the designer of this piece, having that zipper made the inside accessible without having to remove the typar. And SO much easier!!! 

Once I got the top and bottom lined up the way I wanted, I used my handy little tagging gun to baste them together. (This a great tool that I use way too infrequently.)

I used a large curved needle and some thick button twine to sew through the top cushion, around the springs onto the base.

Once that was done, I zipped that up and flipped it over. Done!

It turned out really nice. (if I do say so myself) More and more, I'm really liking the multiple fabrics on one piece. Especially on something as basic as this, it really gives it a pop.

I can't wait to get this to Jen! She's going to love it!

I have multiple projects in the works to share in the next few weeks. Thanks for staying with me!!

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