Friday, July 25, 2014

Estate Sale Haul

I think I may have been a treasure hunter in a former life. I love to go to thrift stores, estate sales, and antique stores in search of hidden gems. Sometimes I'm looking for something specific, but often times I just go to see what may be there. Sometimes I buy, sometimes not.

And then there are days like today.

This estate sale was made for me. When my husband and I walked into the sewing room, he looked at me, laughed and told me he'd see me later. He's a smart man. Because I spent the better part of an hour looking at everything, chatting with the estate sale ladies, and gathering sewing booty.

Here's what I ended up taking home.

A new steam iron, tailor's ham, and sleeve roll.

Zippers, 2 rolls of zipper tape and snaps.

Various interfacing, stitch witch, velcro, bias tape, and hem tape.

Lace trims, cording, and tulle.

2 full containers of thread, a tin of buttons, a pair of applique scissors, an extra pair of scissors.

Cotton cording for making piping.

3 different length rulers, a french curve and a bendable ruler.

And the mother lode of white elastic. 

I'm not exaggerating about the elastic! Look at all of it!

Now, how much did I spend on all of that? $38. Yep, you read that right, everything pictured for under $40.
The iron alone costs that much brand new. To call this a successful haul would be something of an understatement. 

I suppose I don't need to mention how happy I am right now, do I?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Wish I was there with you. Miss my thrifting pal and I totally think you are in the right place for some amazing thrifting.

  2. What a find ! I love me an estate sale. Have fun with all your goodies !


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