Friday, August 8, 2014

Old Chair, New Chair

I have had this chair since 1997. No joke. I have been moving this sucker around for 17 years. It is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever owned. But as you can see, badly in need of an update. Not to mention repair.

The totally worn out spot you see is courtesy of the dog, as is the discoloration of the wood on the arm. She spent years standing on this chair looking out our front window, wishing us home whenever we were gone.

Plus, let's be honest. The plaid is UGLY! 

Once I got the fabric off, I went ahead and restained the arms. It already looks a million times better.

I did a little touch up around the bottom frame, and re-sealed the wood. 

Then I started on the fabric. Oh, this fabric. It's a dark navy and tan herringbone pattern. I had spent months looking for the perfect fabric for this chair, I came close to settling for something that was just okay. I am SO glad I waited. 

Because this is the right fabric for this chair, am I right? I knew it the moment I laid eyes on it. (My husband wasn't sure at first, he thought it may be too busy, good thing he can admit when he's wrong!) 

Here is the front of the chair with the new fabric. 

The side, without trim.

And the back.

Now, this chair also has cushions, which I made using the same fabric. I found a dark navy complementary fabric to use for the piping on the cushions, and since I had some extra bias strips, I used them as trim on the chair.

I think the flat trim works really well, it finishes the chair without competing with the the patten of the fabric.

And here is the new beauty of the house in all her glory.

A nice modern look for the old girl, don't you think? Still plenty comfortable too. Not that I will let anyone sit on it ever again. 

Just kidding---maybe.

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  1. did a great job. If I tried this, it would be a mess...maybe worse than it started as LOL

    Thanks for sharing and showing the pictures during the transformation!

  2. Featuring tomorrow at Bacon Time!

  3. wow!!! What a difference! I just love the fabric you used!! Pinned it! Featured it! thanks for linking up to Create Link Inspire... spreading the word on social media... EMily


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