Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Princess Elsa Dress

Aaaand once you've made the Anna dress, why not an Elsa dress to go along with it??

I am working on a tutorial (and possible pattern) for this dress, but I just can't wait to share these photos, so here's a preview!

In a way, this dress is much simpler in construction than the Anna dress. I think the choice of fabric is really what makes this dress, and given how many different beautiful glittery, fun, sparkly fabrics that are available, I say choose what suits you and your princess and "Let it Go"!

I chose satin for the skirt and some textured knits for the bodice.

For the cape I found some great white sheer fabric with silver glittery stars (or snowflakes in this case).

The other thing that brings this dress to life is the imagination of it's wearer.

I think there's no doubt that the queen has arrived!

Tutorial coming before Halloween, so check back!


  1. I love it. I am partial to the Anna dress, but your lil gal is so Elsa with that hair!!!!! It is gorgeous!


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