Monday, February 9, 2015

Love Bird Pillow

Normally I don't go all out decorating for every holiday. Oh, I love the Halloween thru Christmas decor, but by January I'm usually pretty burnt out on decorating in general. And Valentine's Day gets skipped a lot with all the regular life things going on, the kids and I have fun making cards for their classes, but that's usually it.

But I have this pillow.

It's a Halloween pillow that my mother-in-law, Mary bought for us several years ago with a white ghost face on one side and an orange jack 'o lantern face on the other. I get it out of the Halloween tub every year, display it, and put it back around Christmas. But for some reason this year I noticed that it's a really, really comfortable pillow and that I liked the size and shape and didn't want to put it back in the Halloween tub. So I thought, well...I'll just make a new cover for it.

And so I did.

Using only fabrics I already had on hand, I made this sweet love bird pillow cover. It's a nice bit of decor for Valentine's day that can easily last through spring.

For the front, I used plain canvas cut into a 17x17 inch square. For the sides and back, I used some leftover cut chenille brocade fabric in a similar color to the canvas. For the bird silhouettes, I used some scraps of taupe linen and the heart is just a scrap of quilting fabric.

I printed out the bird silhouettes and traced them onto the back of some Heat Bond that I had ironed onto the back of the linen.

I cut the birds out and placed them on the pillow front roughly where I wanted them to go.

I did the same thing with a heart shape and fabric. Then laid the pieces all out together on the pillow front.

I drew some guidelines for a tree branch with pencil, then stitched over the lines with black thread creating the outline of a the branch.

I put my birds back in place on the branch and centered the heart above them. I ironed and stitched them all into place.

Then I assembled the rest of the pillow cover, using a zipper along the bottom, and stuffed the Halloween pillow inside.

And as easy as that, a pretty new pillow cover for my favorite pillow.

I think it looks great on my favorite chair, simple and sweet.  A little touch of Valentine's Day love.

Hope everyone has a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. This pillow is adorable! I love how you sewed the tree branches onto the pillow to give it different textures. So cute!


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