Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lilah's First Sewing Project

My daughter, Lilah, got a great little sewing machine for Christmas this year (thank you Grandma!!). It sat in the box for a while before I got around to setting up a table and chair at her height near my own sewing machine and then it sat a bit more while life got busy.

Poor, lonely, little pink sewing machine.

But after one rainy day too many, we finally plugged it in and tried it out.

To start out and let her get a feel for the machine, I had her sew on plain paper following pencil lines I had drawn with no thread in the machine. After she had done a few pages of straight and curved lines, we switched to plain muslin with colored thread. Basically I told her to go nuts, sew straight lines, curvy lines, spirals, go forward and backward, turn corners, anything that she wanted to do.

And she did. For about a week off and on, she played with the machine and made designs on muslin with different color thread.

When she got tired of that, I suggested that as a first project she make a cover for her sewing machine. A simple, quick project with the added benefit of protecting your machine.

Naturally, she wanted to skip straight to the sparkly princess ball gown project. So, I waited her out. And she sewed more lines on muslin.

Then today she asked if we could make a sewing machine cover. Which I happily agreed to. (Ha! I win!!)

We went to the fabric bins and she chose two fabrics for her project.

(I know you're thinking, "Wow, she chose pink, what a complete surprise!" Yeah, me too.) Anyway, we measured and cut out the fabric and I pinned it together one section at a time and had her sew each side.

Now, I could have been really nice and actually drawn lines for her to follow on the fabric, but all I saw was plaid, so I just had her follow the lines in the fabric. 

She certainly didn't seem to mind. 

I pinned a section, she sewed it together all the way around until we had both sides done.

Then I serged the edges together to finish them and ironed in a hem for her to sew.

And in less than an hour, she had done her very first sewing project from start to finish.

I'd say she was pretty proud of her work, wouldn't you?

And for the record, I did tell her that we would eventually get to the sparkly princess ball gown project.

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