Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pinkalicious Dresser Make Over

 One of my latest and BEST finds of 2015 (so far) was this darling little vintage French Provincial child's dresser. True, it is painted an icky shade of pale blue with dark blueish purple trim, and it's missing some drawer hardware, and the bottom drawer runner needed to be replaced, but it was only $10! Yes, just $10!!

For ten bucks, I believe I am up to a little bit of refinishing, so I gathered up my paint removal supplies and set to work.

My original idea for the dresser was simply to strip the paint off and restore the original finish.

But as I got through the blue layer of paint and a green layer of paint, I realized that this furniture was not all solid wood and that the original finish was simply a paint treatment over masonite. Ummm, what??

Note that the top is a laminate (what you typically find on these style of dressers) and the front drawer facings, the frame, and the drawer runners are wood. 

 But look a little lower at the feet. What on earth is that?! As best as I can tell, the feet are some kind of cast resin.

Just like the decorative piece on this drawer front.

And yet....hardwood, dovetail drawers....So, I'm sitting there with this crazy dresser thinking, and it hits me, I have bought FRANKENFURNITURE! 

Well, I guess we won't be staining any of that, so paint it is! I can accept defeat gracefully. Really. I can.

With that in mind, I went off to consult with my co-designer, otherwise known as, my very opinionated daughter.  I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that she wanted hot pink. And I wanted a neutral.  We had a several day stand off about that when I finally turned to my Facebook friends for advice and comfort.

And one of the bits of wisdom I got was, "Well, how many times in your life can you have a hot pink dresser?" (Totally blaming crediting you for this one Marcie!) But you know, it's actually a really good point. How many times have you looked at something and thought, gee I always wanted that when I was a kid....

Alright, then let's not be halfway about it---HOT PIIIINK!!!

And here is our new color choice. Oh yeah!

And paint I did. I did the drawer fronts and the large parts of the dresser in the dark pink.

Side view.

 For the trim, I simply added some white to my pink to make it lighter.

And then I got really wild and added a stencil design to the sides and 2 of the drawer fronts.

I spray painted the drawer pulls with both light and dark pink paint.

I replaced the worn out drawer runners with new ones and bought some cute crystal knobs to replace the missing ones. Oh, how she loooooved the crystal drawer pulls!

Then we put all the pieces back together again and voila!  

The most pinkalicious dresser EVER! (In my house anyway)

The truth is, I think this came out really cute. It certainly suits my daughter and her personality and if I have to repaint it again in a few years, oh well. After all, how many times in your life can you have a hot pink dresser?? (wink, wink)

Have a great week!!

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  1. LOVE IT! The color, the trim, the stencil and the crystal knobs - all perfect. It came out so well, Heather - you're so talented. Thanks for blaming/crediting me! :)

  2. It is so cute! I'm sure your daughter LOVES it! :)


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